Vitamix 5200 Professional Grade Blender Review

Every household needs a professional blender as an essential in the kitchen. This need becomes more prominent when you have to deal with several blending related tasks, and family size is large as well. At that point, mini blender or bullet blenders are not the options that you can rely upon.

This issue is understandable. Your needs are more so; you have to move towards a professional blender that offers value for money and meet your kitchen needs efficiently. What you will need in such a case is a blender that has a powerful motor with a large container and also carries a legacy in the market. At that point, Vitamix 5200 Blender is a professional grade blender that is designed to serve you every kind of kitchen needs.

Vitamix 5200 Professional Grade BlenderVitamix 5200 blender

The ultra-mainstream Vitamix 5200 blender a mixing powerhouse and a top-selling model in the Vitamix Legacy arrangement. The 5200 was first discharged in 2007, so it’s a more seasoned design; however, its remarkable solidness and quality have been completely tried by a great many purchasers. Right up ’til the present time, many home culinary experts and even business foundations are utilizing the Vitamix 5200. It stays one of the most well-known and very good quality models, even though Vitamix has turned out with more than 20 new models since 2007. 

The 2 torque Swedish-constructed engine that creates a ton of mixing power, 10 variable speed alternatives, simple to-work flip switches, 64 oz holder, and the various highlights settle on this a fabulous decision in case you’re in the market for an overly dependable, top of the line machine. This is why it is still among the best Vitamix blenders 2019.

So, if you are willing to make a perfect choice then, you don’t need to discover which Vitamix blender is best. Buy this best-rated Vitamix blender. 

Features of Vitamix 5200 Blender

1500 watt powerful motor

The motor in this model is extremely amazing. Vitamix planned the 5200 to be a modern blender that will mix anything you put into the compartment. The 2 torque engine is equivalent to around 1500 watts. The sharp blades work at 37,000 RPM, giving a rotational speed of 11-240/h. Sometimes the power of such capacity so much friction and degrade the motor performance and life span. This blender has a ball bearing design based motor, which ensures durability. The motor parts are altogether made of metal and are in this manner very sturdy. 

Some people are concerned about its motor that such powerful motors often get heated up. This blender is equipped with a cooling system. The cooling system is designed to work even when the motor is running. Furthermore, the framework is designed to shut off the motor to avoid burn when the motor gets overheated.

10 Speed settings

In the control board, you will discover the dial for 10 speeds. You can choose anyone from 10-speed levels, and the on/off switch. The control panel is conveniently operable. The speed level choice depends on the texture you want to have on your smoothies. For a very fine mix, you can choose higher speed options. Utilize the high speed for tough tasks like breaking ice and nut milk.


Just as the motor, the fine blades are the most significant factor with regards to a blender’s presentation, and the blades highlighted in the Vitamix 5200 are extraordinary. The Vitamix 5200 comes furnished with 3′ inch stainless steel, laser-cut blades. 

This truly features Vitamix’s predominance. Indeed, even their old versions can, without much of a stretch, beat the vast majority of the present challenge. This blender is among the best-rated Vitamix blenders and the best Vitamix blender for smoothies. 



This best Vitamix blender makes excellent vegetable and organic product drinks in only 15-25 seconds. It pummels intense fixings, including cored pineapples, cored apples, carrots, avocado seeds, and blueberry and strawberry seeds. 

Frozen drinks

It is ideal for pounding solidified natural products or ice. It will shave the ice effectively for a pina colada, margaritas, and others. Utilize the fast mode, and in only 30 seconds, you’ll have the best organic product sorbet, snow cones, dessert, and solidified yogurt. The 5200 can deal with solidified and ice particles with no additional fluid.


The 5200 warms fluids with grinding and brings them up to steaming hot temperatures in only 5-6 minutes. 

Food chop

The brilliant speed range and low-speed RPM makes it simpler for the blender to get ready guacamole, serving of mixed greens, and salsa dressings. It can likewise cleave and mince onions, carrots, and cabbage. 


It can granulate any espresso beans or herbs easily. Additionally, it can productively plant preparing quality flour and different grains, for example, rice.


Vitamix blender containers are designed in a way that they push back fruits and vegetable particles to the blade so it can produce fine blending. Containers are designed to not affected by heat, BPA-free, and lightweight yet exceptionally intense to break. Although these containers do not absorb the smell of fruits or vegetables, still, it is good to wash them right after use. A perfectly fit vented lid and tamper are additionally included with each container, enabling you to help the mix without hitting the sharp edges of blades. 

Conveniently usable

Working – Just like the majority of the other Vitamix models, the Vitamix 5200 blender is anything but difficult to utilize. Simply append the holder to the base, put food, join the top lid, and switch it ON. Numerous blenders will spill out fluid when they are taking a shot at turbo speed. You won’t ever confront this issue with the 5200. This blender is among the best-rated Vitamix blenders and best Vitamix blender for smoothies.

Cleaning ease

Cleaning – Often, you should simply wash with boiling water. Include a couple of drops of cleanser into the holder on the off chance that you need. Mix on turbo speed for 10 to 30 seconds. The vortex will clean the sides and blades. Wipe with a dry material or towel.


  • 64 oz Glass Pitcher 
  • 2 HP Motor 
  • 3′ Inch Stainless-Steel blades
  • Laser-Cut Blades 
  • 10- speed settings 
  • 6ft long wire
  • Great Tamper for Adding Ingredients 
  • Outspread Cooling Fan to Prevent Overheating 
  • 7 Year Warranty 


  • It can blend anything super efficiently- It can blend a golf ball. Alright, perhaps not a genuine golf club (truly, don’t attempt that at home), yet extremely any intense, hard, or stringy food you put in here gets destroyed. The Vitamix 5200 truly can mix pretty much anything – by mix, we mean blend. The power on this thing is unmatched – the motor that forces through skins and seeds is sufficient to not just mix crude butternut squash down to a rich soup. However, it moves the blades rapidly enough to warm the soup.
  • Built and design is powerful- This Vitamix blender must be praised, the way that the 5200 life expectancy outlasts its guarantee. It’s no big surprise Vitamix offers such an incredible guarantee on its items – they truly stand the trial of time. A few analysts on the web have noted utilizing their Vitamix for well more than thirty years! In case you’re going to drop this sort of cash on a kitchen apparatus, it’s great to realize that you’ll essentially have the option to transform it into a family treasure. This is why it is still among the best Vitamix blenders 2019.
  • It looks incredible- This thing looks sharp – and not simply the cutting edges! The smooth, modern plan looks wonderful on my ledge, and since it’s as of now.
  • Full Control- For cooks, the Vitamix is a perfect machine. Powerful and amazingly strong, the machine offers the capacity to apply the perfect measure of intensity as opposed to depending on pre-customized alternatives. By utilizing the two flip switches and a dial that modifies the power level, you can truly have a hands-on way to deal with your smoothies, soups, sauces, and solidified pastries.
  • 7-year warranty- One thing that relaxes the blow of spending over $450 on a Vitamix is the solace of realizing seven-year guarantee sponsors it. This is the reason why this blender is among the best-rated Vitamix blenders and the best Vitamix blender for smoothies. 


  • Overheating- Since the motor is so incredible, it has the chance of getting overheated, particularly during a dedicated undertaking like pounding almonds down into spread. At the point when the motor overheats, the whole machine stops – generally suddenly, and now and again directly in the center of your undertaking. While this keeps the unit from breaking, it very well may baffle to be stuck part of the way through your activity, with half-mixed almond margarine or rapidly liquefying ice.
  • Not safe for dishwasher- The jar isn’t dishwasher-safe. Although it is not difficult to clean after more slender things like smoothies and soup, it’s a genuine agony to need to scour nutty spread out from behind the edges.
  • No pre-programmed settings- The Vitamix 5200 is certainly not a set-and-overlook style blender – it needs some assistance to accomplish that astonishing consistency. If you like an additional hands-on way to deal with cooking, this shouldn’t be an issue, yet in case you’re searching for something you can leave, this may not be the best model for you.
  • Cost- In conclusion – the Vitamix is costly. At about $450, this is a genuine venture with regards to building your kitchen arms stockpile. The expense may make a hindrance to the individuals who may experience difficulty setting up right around 500 bucks for a blender. Nonetheless, the expense relies upon what you utilize your blender for. If you just break your blender out now and, at that point, for blended beverages, or you wind up mixing for the most part delicate nourishments like bananas for your post-exercise smoothie, this machine basically may not be a decent incentive for your needs. 

Customer Reviews

This is one of the top-rated blenders in Vitamix’s product offering. Furthermore, plenty of buyers cherished the mix of intensity, adaptability, and consistency that this item brings to the table. After analyzing Vitamix blender reviews of customers, we can conclude that this blender has won the hearts of people, and there are certain reasons why it is the best-rated Vitamix blender. In Vitamix blender reviews from customers, we observed that these are usual praises from them:

It has an extraordinary design and details.

The structure of the blades and compartment enable it to blend hard ingredients down to a smooth surface. There won’t be any cumbersome or uneven outcomes when you utilize this. 

The state of the holder and the 4-prong sharp blade has a drawback; it makes it somewhat hard to clean since stuff gets to places that are difficult to reach by hand.

However, specialists prescribe that you clean this utilizing 4 cups of water and some dishwashing fluid at that point, turn this on high for as long as 60 seconds to remove and clean. 

The customer has experienced this as an adaptable machine, completely equipped for experiencing leafy foods just as dry stuff like peanuts. 


This blender would be incredible for individuals hoping to make smoothies as well as to make a great deal of handcrafted stuff like hummus, nutty spread, Frappuccino, and soup.

You likewise have the choice of purchasing the “dry” holder and make custom made heating powder, yes that is conceivable. So it is not a bad idea at all to buy this product.

A $450 blender may sound excessively costly, yet when you take a gander at the adaptability; it can supplant a few machines and spare you over the long haul. It will likewise enable you to eat more beneficial nourishments.

So, if you are willing to make a perfect choice then, you don’t need to discover which Vitamix blender is best. So what are you waiting for? Buy this best-rated Vitamix blender, and see how it can make a big difference in your kitchen life. 


The Vitamix 5200 is More Than A Blender!

The Vitamix 5200 Blender is far beyond only a blender; in reality, it is frequently alluded to as “the kitchen workhorse,” and the reason is understandable. It really can supplant numerous different machines in your kitchen. 

We utilize the Vitamix 5200 as a blender (obviously) yet additionally as a blender, bread producer, espresso processor, nourishment processor, soup pot, and frozen yogurt maker. It appears that regardless of what you will toss into the Vitamix, something yummy will come out. You will get a safe investment with this blender as it is backed with a 7-year warranty, and it is the most by any company. This is why it is still among the best Vitamix blenders 2019. 

We hope this article will help you decide whether you buy it or not.