Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender Review

A proper fitness and diet plan always accompany a balanced and healthy life. Many people only focus on only one thing and ignore the other one. But, it is always a combination of proper diet and fitness activities. Just like you need a partner in a gym, the same way you need a companion who takes great care of your drinking diet plan.

After a tiring training session, you come home, and all your body wants is a healthy and protein-enriched shake or smoothies to retreat your body and muscles. You can get this with any blender, but there is a difference between a shake and a well-prepared shake. You would not want to have a half-prepared shake, so it is better to have a good quality blender that provides just the right kind of shakes and smoothies and whatnot. 

Kicking your mornings off on a positive note is basic in setting the entire day’s tempo. If you wake up to an overheating blender or a blender that just won’t squash down your ingredients, the beginning of your day can get extremely unpleasant. This is the place putting resources into an excellent blender ends up necessary. This is why Oster reverse crush counterforms blender is the right choice for preparing perfect smoothies and protein shakes.

This Oster blender reviews will help you understand why this one is the best Oster blender to buy.

Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender

Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender

The Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender is a strong and powerful blender by Oster. It has a powerful 1000 watt motor. This Oster blender is a basic unit, but it has a comparatively large pitcher. 

The machine fuses Dual Direction Blade Technology that naturally moves the blade to slice through pretty much every fruit and vegetable. This Oster switching engine blender has a sizable 6 cup limit pitcher. 

Its various speed settings go from low to high pulse, making it conceivable to create customized drinks. All in all, this Oster blender is a top blender in the market because of its functionalities and versatility in its price range. Furthermore, we will review this blender in detail to be aware of its features and why it is the best Oster blender to buy.

This blender is available at Amazon, and if this is your need, then there is no point in waiting further to buy this product.  

Features of Oster reverse crush counterforms blender

  • Reversible Blade Technology
  • Functionality and versatility
  • Speed settings
  • 2-programs
  • 6-Sharp blades
  • 600 blending watts motor power             
  • All-metal drive
  • Convenient use and cleaning  

Reversible Blade Technology

The Oster blender has a 600 blending watt motor joined with excellent sharp stainless steel cutting blades. This innovation enables you to accomplish the ideal texture of crushed ice that you like. 

The blades move in the two-way direction, it goes forward and backward, which draws fruits and ice down for that wonderful smooth mixing results. 

What’s more, is that it additionally incorporates the Crush Pro Blade Technology. This technology includes the sharp edges that you need for pounding and chopping.

Functionality And Versatility

This Oster blender is not just equipped to make one kind of juice, but it has many functionalities, which makes it a versatile product. That is why it is the best blender to buy for your daily kitchen needs.

This Oster blender is perfect for making smoothies from soft fruits and vegetables. You can get fine-textured and perfectly blend fruits and vegetables. After running two to three cycles, you can get frozen drinks ready. 

What makes this Oster blender more versatile is ice-crushing blades. It has a pre-installed frozen drink program, which ensures you get incredible crushed ice every time you use it. This Oster blender crushes ice into smaller particles, and you can use them for many purposes. 

If you want to make perfect hummus or mayonnaise, this Oster blender is a great choice for pureeing soft stuff. Even if you have hard fruits, it can puree them with little extra water inclusion. In case you are looking at which Oster blender is the best. These wide functionalities are the reason this Oster blender is the best Oster blender to buy.

Speed Settings

It’s your smoothie, so you can choose the texture you want. Fortunately, this Oster blender has speed settings, extending from low to high pulse. You have the choice of setting a time frame according to your needs. This Oster blender has pre-programmed speed options. Three options for low, mid, and high-speed blending. Furthermore, you can choose high pulse speed or low pulse speed depending upon what kind of texture you want for your drink.


This Oster blender has 2 pre-set programs. One is food chop and the other frozen drink. 

If you want to make smoothies and shakes, then choose a frozen drink program. This program incorporates reverse blade function.

In case you want to chop down food, then go with the food chop program. This program is also equipped with reverse blade function but not suitable while chopping. Low pulse and high pulse options can chop down food better according to your needs. 

6-Sharp blades

The power is in the blades. How good will be your drink, depends on the sharpness of the blades. This Oster blender is equipped with 6 sharp pointed blades. 4 blades are upward, and 2 blades are facing downward. The pointed blades ensure fine cutting and blending of fruit and vegetable particles. The blades are made up of stainless steel and mounted on very sturdy metal. Blades have a sealing gasket, which guarantees there is no leakage of liquid from the pitcher.

600 Blending Watts Motor Power

If you want a well-made smoothie, then it is only possible if the blender has a powerful motor unit. Exactly this is what you can get in this Oster blender. It has a powerful 1000 watts motor. This Oster blender has 1000 watts of intensity and has its pre-modified brilliant settings, which will help remove any mystery there may be with regards to mixing certain things.

All-Metal Drive

All-metal drive blade in this Oster blender makes it a solid gadget among other blenders. The metal cutting blade enables you to smash hard organic products – carrot, cucumber, apple, and so on – effectively without stressing over breaking it. Also, the sharp edge is substantially more sturdy than a plastic one. So you can be confident whenever you’re mixing the majority of your preferred organic products with hard surfaces.

Convenient Use And Cleaning

One thing you would want with your blender is to have ease of use. While some blender might be a stress to set up, but this Oster blender guarantees ease of use and easy setting up. If you are healthy and hygiene conscious that one should be, then this Oster blender is good news for you. This Oster blender is very easy to clean. You can remove the blade assembly easily as it is fixed with a plastic screw, which is not difficult to remove. Then, you can clean the jar and ensure that there is no residue on the container walls. 

The blade and pitcher are safe for the dishwasher. For better results, you can add hot water to perfectly clean them. This Oster blender is amazingly simple to keep up and clean since it dishwasher safe and the glass of the pitcher has been Thermal Shock tried which implies that when you remove it from a steaming hot dishwasher after it’s cleaned you can utilize it immediately, regardless of whether what you are utilizing is very cool, the cold shock won’t harm the warm pitcher of the blender.

Product Specification

  • One thousand power watts/ 600 blending watts. 
  • Cord length: 16 inches
  • One-touch control with pre-set settings
  • Dual Direction Blade Technology 
  • 6-blades/4 facing upwards and 2 facing downwards 
  • Crush Pro 6 Blade uses stainless steel
  • Oster 10 Year DURALAST All-Metal Drive Limited Warranty for lasting durability
  • 7 Speeds from LOW to HIGH PULSE
  • 2 program modes/ frozen drink and food chop
  • 6-Cup Glass Jar 
  • A 2-ounce filler cap with measure markings      


  • This Oster blender is budget-friendly and offers several functionalities in this price bracket. 
  • Other than making smoothies and shakes, customers have the option to utilize this apparatus to slash ice with no harm. 
  • This Oster blender is very easy to assemble and disassemble, and thus, it can become more compact and can fit in almost every kitchen cabinet.
  • Not at all like different blenders that require regular turn on and off, including the utilization of a spoon or spatula to unclog the substance, this Oster blender is equipped with an extraordinary dual direction motor that twists forward and in reverse at the press of a single button. So, you don’t need to stress over your blender being stuck up or choked. 
  • This Oster blender has a glass pitcher made out of premium grade material, and you won’t have to worry about any chemical leaching into your shakes or drinks.
  • It offers value for money, and the manufacturer offers a 10-year long durability warranty for its motor.


  • One thing that is considered as a downside of this Oster blender is its noise. The noise can be annoying. But there is a reason why this has more noise, because of its powerful motor and blades. 
  • This powerful motor is the reason why this product is a standout in the market. If you get a really fine smoothie out of this blender, then we won’t think there will be much to care about the noise.
  • It is a basic blending machine, but it can meet your needs if you want is fine smoothies and food chop. Purchasing another blender that will address your issues, can be a struggle to find. Having the option to bear the cost of one turns into a hesitation. In any case, getting one that will stand the trial of time is the most significant. 
  • Like me, if what you want in a blender is an essential, solid, incredible, and dependable blender, at that point, the Oster reverse blender counterforms 7-speed might be the best blender for your smoothies and other mixing errands in your kitchen. 

Customer Reviews

This product has 4.2 ratings on Amazon. Definitely, product customers are satisfied with it. On average, customers have a concern about the noise this Oster blender makes. But as we have already learned from this Oster blender reviews, this blender has a powerful and solid motor, which is the reason why it is among the best Oster blender to buy. 

The best thing customers have found in this Oster blender is the frozen drink blending. They review this as among the best Oster blender for making smoothies from frozen fruits. Customers have one more concern, and that is the limited functionalities of this blender. Yes, this Oster blender does not offer a wide range of operations because it is a budget-friendly blender. The other blender with the same functionalities is in a much higher price bracket. This Oster blender is an affordable product that is why it is considered as best Oster blender to buy when customers look for which Oster blender is best to buy.


After the thorough review of this Oster blender, this particular opinion has built up that this blender is a great choice and affordable budget. If you do not want to break your bank and want to enjoy well-made smoothies and shakes, then there is no better option than opting out this Oster blender. This Oster blender can fill your needs if it is only to make fine smoothies and food chop. Furthermore, this will not be a burden on your pocket.

The Oster Counterform Blender may not be on a similar level with more expensive ones. However, it does it work when you don’t utilize it again and again and not for a wide range of nourishments to plan. 

Also, the turnaround capacity during the mix cycle is an extraordinary component at this value point, yet you shouldn’t expect any supernatural occurrences at all.


There are many best Oster blender reviews where words of recognition have made this the best shake blender. Beginning From its vitality to being easy to use, it is immaculate. It has turned out to be massively prominent among the city individuals. This model is one of the top choices inside the brand classification. The 600 blending watt motor works with a lot of intensity that you would see the power of this machine in your beverages. 

The stainless steel blades are likewise sharp enough to manage enormous fixings. To put it plainly, this item will just carry an answer for your kitchen task. The Oster reverse crush counterforms blender is a perfect decision to guarantee smooth and steady mixing.

In conclusion, for just 60 USD, you get yourself a pre-programming 6 blades smoothie blend machine with shrewd settings that carry out its responsibility for your smoothie needs. Get your blender at discounted prices.