Nutri Ninja BL580 Single Serve Blender – Review & Buying Guide

Are you struggling to find a quality personal blender for your needs?  Well, you are not alone. Choosing a perfect mixer can be, at times, confusing, and this is where most people hit a snag. But you shouldn’t scratch your head because this Nutri Ninja single-serve blender could be all you need. Nutri Ninja is one of the popular brands in the market today, which has given promising products to its consumers, and this BL580 series is not an exception. And the best part is, the blender is built with the latest technology to give you exceptional blending experience. 

But before we get down to our featured blender, get to know more about single-serve mixers and why you need one.

What Is A Single-Serve Blender?

As the name suggests, a single-serve blender is designed to blend your juices and drinks for one single-serve. They are specially made for personal use. One thing that makes single-serve mixers a great pick is that they blend your ingredients without compromising on the quality of the nutrients. 

Where to Use It?

Blenders are versatile and can be utilized for different blending purposes. However, single-serve blenders are specially designed to help you blend your fruits, vegetables, cocktails, and your favorite treats. Besides, you can also use these mixers in the kitchen to blend, grind, whip, mix, or chop small quantities of food, which do not call for large blending jars.

Better still, you can also use a single-serve blender when you are on holiday, weekend get-away, or picnic. 

Why You Need It?

There are great reasons for owning a single-serve mixer. One of the reasons why you need one is convenience. Think of a situation where you are planning on a holiday and you don’t want to miss your favorite treats. This is where the single-serve blenders come in handy. 

Their size is compact and lightweight. This means you can move around with ease. Some models have high-quality cups for preserving your drinks for long. So you do not have to worry about bringing with you some ice cubes or a cooler box. Sounds good, right?

And what’s more, these mixers can be electric or battery operated. This means you cannot miss your favorite drink when you do not have electricity or have run out of battery.

Why Nutri Ninja BL580 Single Serve Blender?


Nutri Ninja BL580 is designed to help you blend different recipes like fruits, vegetables, in small quantities. This gives you the freedom to enjoy different drink variations on the go.


Nutri Ninja mixer is convenient. Its design and performance make it the go-to single serve blender for your needs. Its motor is sturdy and robust, so you do not need to keep waiting for long. The mixer is built with the latest technology to keep your drinks fresher for longer, reducing the hassles of having to keep it in a freezer or carrying a cool box with you when on a trip.

The blender is electric or battery-operated, which means you will enjoy your drinks whenever you need it.

User friendly

With its simple design and easy to reach buttons, you can easily make your treats with ease even when you are a first time user. With the help of manual speed controls, you can customize your blending speeds to suit the task at hand.


This single-serve mixer is built with quality plastic that can withstand pressure without shattering. The metal base is made of sturdy metal to keep it stable when blending.  With great care, this mixer can be passed to generations to come. 

Enhances the flavor of your drinks

For great tasting drinks, this mixer works by vacuuming all the oxygen from the ingredients which get rid of any air that may interfere with the taste of your blend. This gives you the freedom to enjoy your treats up to the last sip. 

Nutri Ninja BL580 Blender with FreshVac Technology Review

Nutri Ninja BL580 Blender with FreshVac TechnologyNutri Ninja BL580 Blender with FreshVac TechnologyThis Nutri Ninja is one of the quality single-serve mixers. The BL580 series uses the latest state of the art technology for unmatched user experience. With a motor rating of 1100 watts, you can blend your recipes seamlessly. Integrated into this amazing mixer is an Auto-iQ technology that utilizes intelligent programs for ultimate blending.

Compared to other brands of its class, this mixer has stood out from the competition. With this mixer, you get to enjoy tasty, vibrant, and healthy drinks. The blender achieves this through its FreshVac technology, which helps remove any oxygen inside your blender that may affect the flavor and texture of your blend.

Better still, the technology helps keep your drinks fresh for up to 8 hours, a feature that enables you to enjoy your treats later when needed. 

Its simple design with clearly marked operation buttons makes your blending easy. Controlling your blending speeds has been made simple, thanks to its two manual speed variables. By a simple touch of a button, your mixer will crush your ingredients unlocking full nutrients and vitamin from your blends, making it the best single serve smoothie blender in the market.

Highlighted features

  • 1100 watts motor base
  • Two manual speed controls
  • 24oz (2pcs) FreshVac cups
  • Two iQ programs
  • 6 AA batteries included
  • 7.8 pounds


  • Handy
  • Preserves your drink for up to 8 hours while locking in vitamins and nutrients
  • Effective
  • Versatile
  • Convenient
  • Compact


  • A bit loud
  • Available in one color which is not everyone’s favorite

Buying Guide

Owning a quality single-serve blender is one of the best moves you can make. And before you go to check out, you need to be sure whether the model you are choosing perfectly matches what you need. And in this guide, we will take you through all you need to look for when buying a single-serve blender. Stay close


Blender performance is one of the factors you should never put a blind eye on. The performance of your mixer determines its efficiency and the experience you will get when preparing your treats. When used for the right job, Nutri Ninja blender will offer you excellent performance.

Number of uses

Though some blenders are designed to perform specific tasks, it is always a great idea to know what the mixer can do and can’t do to avoid any disappointments.

Motor rating

Nutri Ninja boasts of its high motor rating, which enables you to blend your juices in a jiffy. The brand also has other quality single-serve blenders with advanced features with a peak rating of 1400 watts, smart features, and automatic recipe preset programs. 


Blender requires maintenance to keep them in good shape. This may vary depending on the material used. However, before buying your mixer, get to know its maintenance routine, and determine whether you can commit yourself. As much as Nutri Ninja blenders are easy to maintain, failing to take the necessary measures will introduce foreign materials to your drink or deteriorate the quality of your mixer calling for a replacement.

Wrapping up

Whether on holiday, picnic, or weekend get-away, nothing can spice up your day like a glass of your favorite drink. And this is where the Nutri Ninja BL580 single-serve blender comes in. The mixer has been designed with the user in mind. Compared to other models of its class, this mixer has surpassed consumer expectations. Its design, performance, durability is incomparable to none. Owning one will make your outdoor fun worthwhile.