Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender Review

If you are planning to buy a blender, then the Hamilton Beach power elite multi-function blender might be the solution you were looking for.

In this Hamilton Beach power elite blender review, we are going to go ever the characteristics of this specific blender basing on factors such as features, brand’s trust, and costumers’ reviews in order to give you all the information you need to know before making the decision of purchasing this product.

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender ReviewHamilton Beach Power Elite Blender

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender Main Features

With the Hamilton Beach power elite blender’s 700 watts of power, you can easily make smoothies, puree, shakes and a lot more while you comfortably stay in your kitchen and for a fairly good price. No matter which elements you need to blend, this blender can handle tough ingredients just as well as soft ones. Its weight is 5.62 lbs and it measures 6.75 x 9.5 x 15 inches.

But let’s move on to the main characteristics of this product:

Wave Action System

The Hamilton Beach power elite blender is equipped with a special system that allows it to pull the mixture towards the blades in a continuous way so that everything can be perfectly blended. Although you can use this blender to process most of the ingredients you use to cook, you might find that nuts are not easily blended in and they tend to deposit below the blades.

12 Blending Functions

Yes, 12 different blending functions that are all included in the Hamilton Beach blender. These functions are Grate, Mix, Milkshake, Crush Ice, Easy Clean, Grind, Puree, Salsa, Smoothie, Chop, Dice, Icy Drink.

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi Function Blender

Easy Pour

This blender includes a hinged cap which makes pouring liquid easy, comfortable and helps you avoid spilling and mess-making.

Easy to Operate

The blender is electric, therefore you need to plug it in before starting to use it. It only features four buttons, two of them are to pulse and the other two are for choosing the speed. Just be sure to add at least one cup of liquid before processing your food since this blender is not made for extracting liquids from the ingredients you put inside of it. When you are done using it, the cord is made to fix it at the bottom of the blender so that it can be easily put away.

BPA-free Glass Jar and Stainless Steel Device

The Hamilton Beach power elite blender’s glass jar is BPA-free and fits up to 40 oz of liquid, which is equal to 5 cups. When you are finished using the blender, you can easily place the jar, the lid and the blades in the dishwasher to clean them. The rest of the blender is made of stainless steel and plastic and it comes in black color.

3-Years Warranty

In case you aren’t satisfied with this product, the Hamilton Beach power elite multi-function blender is covered by a 3-year warranty, and the costumers’ service is just a call away if you need any support or help. We’d like to specify that this warranty is valid for costumers from the United States, but, if you are a client from Canada, then the warranty lasts for 5 years.

These are the main characteristics and features of the Hamilton Beach power elite electric blender, but to facilitate your choosing process, let’s now sum up the pros and cons of buying this product:

  • Wave Action System
  • 12 Functions
  • Easy to Operate
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Mess-free cap
  • Good price
  • 3 to 5-year warranty
      • Doesn’t blend nuts or harder ingredients
      • Required at least one cup of liquid to work

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Can you chop or blend vegetables with this blender?

Although one of the Hamilton Beach power elite blender’s 12 features is ‘Chop’, we recommend chopping the vegetables into smaller pieces before putting them into the jar, especially if you are trying to chop tough vegetables such as carrots or potatoes. As for blending, yes you can blend vegetables in it, however, it might take a little bit more time with tougher vegetables or lettuce-like vegetables such as kale.

We’d also like to point out that this blender is not made for processing dry food, therefore, always remember to add at least a cup of liquid before blending.

Does the Hamilton Beach power elite blender cook soup?

Not exactly. More powerful blenders are able to warm up the ingredients, however, this blender is not made for cooking soup. You could warm up your ingredients a little bit if you blend them for something like 15 minutes, but it is not going to be hot enough for a soup.

What you can do is blend the ingredients and then cook them in a pot, or maybe warm up the ingredients first and then blend them in the blender.

Will standard or wide jars from other brands screw on to the blades?

Some jars will and some won’t, it completely depends on the brand and the size of the jars. Mason’s and Ball’s jars usually fit perfectly on the blades. If you are planning on switching the jar though, be careful because old and used jars are more prone to breaking and that will definitely cause a mess in your kitchen. Always make sure to check if the jar you are about to use has some cracks on it.


It is safe to say that the Hamilton Beach power elite multi-function blender is a pretty good product that also comes for a great price. With its 12 features, wave action system and 3-year warranty you can safely experiment your cooking skills with an item that allows you to experiment with different kinds of smoothies and drinks, as well as soups and salsas.

Cleaning up is not going to be a problem either since the hinged cap helps you prevent spilling liquids, and the fact that most of the blender’s parts are dishwasher-safe is a big plus when you are done cooking.

Except for a few cons, such as it not being able to blend nuts in your drink and having to always put one cup of liquid when you blend, we’d like to say the Hamilton Beach blender is a good solution if you are in need of a blender. I hope this Hamilton Beach power elite multi-function blender review was helpful to you all and that it was able to facilitate the choosing process for you!

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