Vitamix vs Ninja: Which is Good to Buy?

Do you always encounter problems choosing a quality blender for your favorite treats? Or have you invested in a high-end blender that isn’t up to the task? If this sounds familiar, then you are not alone. Choosing a quality blender has never been that easy due to the ever-increasing number of brands in the market today. But after reading this review, you will agree that choosing a quality blender isn’t that hard. While the market offers different mixers to choose from, these two brands, Vitamix and Ninja, have got tongues wagging. Each brand claims to be mighty, but the question is, which brand is superior? 

Well, fold your sleeves and pull a chair as our Vitamix vs Ninja review will unveil all this blender mystery. But before we lift the veil for you, here is a quick comparison of the two brands.  Read on

Vitamix Compared to Ninja

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Vitamix Explorian BlenderHighlighted features

  • 10 variable speed control feature
  • 64 oz patented container 
  • High-quality stainless steel blades
  • BPA free 
  • Ideal for hot soups
  • 2.2 HP motor
  • Blade cooling feature
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  • Built to last
  • Handy
  • Easy to clean
  • Great versatility
  • Slightly noisily
  • It is a bit pricey

This Vitamix blender boasts of its hardened stainless steel blades, which allow you to blend even the toughest ingredients to perfection. Its 10 variable speed control gives you the freedom to adjust your working speed to suit the task at hand.

Fitted in this blender is a powerful motor that turns your frozen ingredients into smooth blends in minutes. Because of its high precision stainless steel blades, you get to enjoy consistent blending up to the last ingredients. The blades have anti-dull and bend resistance properties, which is an additional feature if you are looking forward to blending tough recipes.

With this Vitamix blender, you can prepare your favorite smoothies, hearty recipes like thick vegetable soups, baby eats, coffee, frozen treats, and salsa effortlessly. Just a press of a button and this mixer will do the blending.

The container is designed with precision to help fold ingredients back to the blades for a quick, smoother, and consistent blend.

One of the challenges consumers encounter is blender overheating. Vitamix has designed this blender with the user in mind. With its blade cooling feature, you can enjoy smooth blending from the first to the last blend. The mixer also comes along with a cookbook. This is a plus for first-time users, and for those looking forward to unleashing their blending skills in preparing customized treats. 

Unlike some blenders which require you to disassemble some parts, with Vitamix no need for those lengthy cleaning processes. Add warm water and drop dishwashing soap, and within 60 secs, your blender will self-clean -thanks to its self-cleaning feature.

Its 64 oz container perfectly fits in most overhead cabinets making its storage convenient.  

Ninja QB900B BlenderHighlighted features

  • 400 watts motor
  • 48 oz pitcher
  • BPA free container
  • Non-skid base
  • Splash guard
  • Pulse feature for great control
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  • Handy
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Not ideal for lemon and orange juicing
  • A bit noisy
  • Does not blend hot ingredients
  • Bowl not microwavable

Ninja QB900B series is affordable and easy to use. Its 400 watts motor delivers excellent power needed to get your icy ingredients blending a breeze. With its anti-slip base, you can blend your recipes without worries.

Featuring a stacked blade technology this blender will get your frozen ingredients ready within minutes, so you don’t have to do all the lengthy de-thawing process. 

Its pod has a sizeable pulsing button, which gives you maximum control and consistent results with a single touch. Integrated into this blender is splash guard, which helps prevent any spills, saving you clean up time. 

That’s not all; the blender comes with storage lids for keeping your food fresh, giving you convenience. 

400;”>Cleaning your blender is a breeze. Its removable parts are dishwasher safe, which allows you to toss them when needed.

Blender Buying Guide: What You Need to Know Before You Jump In

Container material

Both Ninja and Vitamix containers are made of plastic and are both BPA free. This shows how the two brands are competing to produce high-quality blender materials that are safe for the users. However, Vitamix blender container and lid are made from Eastman Tritan, which are BPA free, dishwasher safe, and shatter-resistant.  

Though Ninja is BPA safe, it cannot withstand high impact, especially during vigorous blending, but with great care and use of the recommended recipes, it should last you for years. 

Blender container size

Blender container size is one of the essential features you should never give a blind eye. The container size determines the number of ingredients you can blend in a single instance. Vitamix blender features a 60 oz container, which is excellent for mixing large amounts.

Ninja, on the other hand, has a 48 oz container, which can hold generous recipe quantities through lower as compared to its counterpart.

Blades precision

The blades precision dictates the type of ingredients you can blend in a given time and the quality of your blend. Vitamix blenders feature hardened stainless steel blades that are blunt and bend resistant. This makes Vitamix ideal for blending tough recipes faster while delivering consistent results.

Ninja blenders have their blades attached to a plastic body but still can deliver exceptional results on frozen ingredients. However, the Ninja blender is not great for hot recipes and tough ingredients, which limit you on the type of recipes you can prepare. 


Vitamix blender touts of a 2.2hp, which is excellent for blending tough ingredients without compromising on the quality of the blend. Though Ninja has not indicated its blender horsepower, its price can tell its strength is not that high. This is because power for blenders goes hand in hand with the cost. However, the price of a mixer cannot be solely based on its horsepower.

Nevertheless, Ninja is not bad concerning its performance. But unlike its counterpart, which can blend tough, frozen, and hot recipes, Ninja is not built to handle harsh and hot ingredients. 

Control features

A blender equipped with more control features gives you maximum control and versatility. Vitamix blender features a 10-speed control function and a pulse feature, which provides you with the freedom to customize your recipe and control blending speeds.  

Ninja blender has not been left out. Its pulse technology enables you to switch from 16oz to 48oz pitcher effortlessly, giving you versatility in your kitchen. However, as much as the two blenders provide you with control of the blending, Vitamix gives you great control as compared to Ninja. 


Vitamix is known for producing high-quality blenders that can withstand the test of time. This is because Vitamix uses metal gear coupling and drive sockets on its blender bases. Ninja uses plastic for both drive socket and gear coupling, which can quickly wear down with time. 

Ease of cleaning

Both Vitamix and Ninja blenders are easy to clean. But the Vitamix blender differs from any ordinary brand you may find out there because of its self-cleaning feature. Ninja, on the other hand, lacks this unique feature, but it is easy to disassemble the removable parts and to clean. 

However, you need to be vigilant when cleaning the Ninja blender as the blades can bruise your fingers. 

Which is the Best Blender?

Vitamix or Ninja for smoothies

Both Vitamix and Ninja blender are great for smoothies. The only difference is the time it takes the two to give you the desired results. In regards to blending speed, Vitamix takes the crown due to its high precision stainless blades, which grinds your ingredients faster.

Vitamix blender container patented design is also a plus as it helps fold the ingredients back for faster and smoother blends making it standout.

Vitamix or Ninja for baby food

Both Vitamix and Ninja are great for baby eats. But Vitamix will get your baby food ready in seconds. Ninja blends your baby food in minutes and comes with containers to keep food fresh for long.

Vitamix or Ninja for hot soups

Vitamix blender allows you to make sizzling hot soup without calling for a stove in 10 minutes. The mixer achieves this with its high speed rotating blades, which generate enough friction to get your soup steaming within minutes. The blender container is BPA-free, so you do not have to worry.

Unfortunately, Ninja cautions users to avoid putting hot ingredients in the blender. Though they have not given the reason why users should avoid this move, it is evident that the blender container is not designed to withstand high temperatures. Again Vitamix takes the crown. 

Vitamix or Ninja for juicing

Vitamix blender does not disappoint when it comes to juicing, but it gives you thinner juice. On the other hand, juicing your lemons or oranges with Ninja blender can be a tall order. Though the brand continues to produce mixers with excellent blending power, this QB900B series is not a go-to model for your juicing needs.

Vitamix or Ninja for Grinding Coffee

Grinding coffee is an uphill task for most blender brands, but Vitamix has made this dream come true. Its sharp blades can grind your coffee bean and favorite nuts in minutes. Ninja, on the other hand, is not designed for grinding, but it’s great for chopping and blending soft recipes.

Vitamix vs Ninja: Which one is easy to use?

In regards to blender ease of use, both Vitamix and Ninja are easy to use. The Vitamix blender is not only easy to use but also comes with a free cookbook to help you make your favorite treats like a pro.

Though Ninja does not give this freebie, its design is not complicated even for new users. 

Final Verdict

After doing a thorough comparison on the war between Vitamix vs Ninja blender, Vitamix takes the crown. The blender is designed with the user in mind and comes with excellent features to help you customize your recipes. With Vitamix, you can enjoy great versatility in your kitchen by blending even the tough, soft, cold, and hot ingredients without limitations. This is contrary to Ninja blender, which can only handle cold soft ingredients. In addition to its functionality, the mixer is also built with high-quality materials for increased durability and can last you generation after generation. Though it’s a bit pricey, it is a great treasure worth every penny.