Magic Bullet MBR-1701 Express Mixing Set Review

Your kitchen needs a plethora of stuff, but you cannot afford all of them. That is the case with most of the household. You have to sacrifice on a few of them and fulfill your needs in conventional ways. Like, a kitchen needs some essential pieces of equipment like a blender, chopper, coffee grinder, and food processor. Buying all of them at once will break your bank.

But wait, you won’t have to worry about this now. What if we tell you that there is a way you can get all of them at the cost of one piece of equipment. This may sound crazy to you, but it is true. But how exactly this can be possible? Well, the solution is simple. Buy Magic Bullet express mixing set and fulfill all your kitchen needs with a one-stop solution.

The magic bullet, a notable China-based brand, offers many bullet blenders to meet clients’ special needs. One of their most valuable and multi-purpose models is the Magic Bullet MBR-1701. 

This magic bullet blender is among the best magic bullet blenders because of its convenience and multi-usefulness. This one likewise accompanies a bigger number of accessories in this 17-piece set than some other magic bullet model and can coordinate the nature of enormous brands.

In case you are missing out on this essential multi-purpose magic bullet blender, then purchase this now. You will regret why you didn’t know about this earlier.

Magic Bullet MBR-1701 Express Mixing Set

Magic Bullet MBR-1701

The Magic Bullet is a one size fits all solution for a nourishment processor, blender, and espresso processor, yet it consumes just the space of an espresso cup. This magic bullet blender remains convenient on your count. You don’t have to push any button or keep your finger all the time on contact throughout the process. Simply load the food into the short cup, the tall cup or one of the four mugs, and close it tightly. Plug the cable, and the blender will start operating.

Depending on your needs, fix flat blade for grinding and cross blade for blending – in a moment or two, you’ll have processed onions, minced garlic, ground cheddar, spaghetti sauce, salsa, soup, chicken serving of mixed greens, smoothies, shakes and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. To warmth or chill, you can place the magic bullet blender cup or mug in the microwave for heating, or if to want to serve cold, then place it in the freezer.

To become familiar with what makes it such a well-known choice, and what settles on it the correct decision for your needs, look at our nitty-gritty, magic bullet blender reviews.

Features of Magic Blender MBR-1701

  • Food processor
  • Juicer and blender
  • Coffee grinder
  • 250-watt power motor
  • Compact design
  • Stainless steel flat blade
  • Stainless steel cross blade
  • 17-piece set

Food processor

As said, this is not a single purpose-oriented blender. There is almost every kind of kitchen needs that you can fulfill with this. Truly, you can. You can process the vegetables like onions easily. As it additionally goes about as a nourishment processor, you can likewise utilize it to mince garlic and to make a chicken serving of mixed greens, soup, spaghetti sauce, and ground cheddar in only a couple of moments. This magic bullet blender can mix, whip, process, blend and crush a wide scope of for the most part delicate fixings.

Juicer and Blender

Magic bullet MBR-1701 provides versatility, and it is known for its versatile feature. Apart from a food processor, you can further blend the products, and it also serves as a juicer. Because it is a compact size blender so you won’t get many glasses of juices from it at once. It is good for serving a single glass of juice.

Coffee grinder

Yes, you read it right. This magic bullet blender has also mitigated the need for buying a coffee grinder. Where it is designed to work as a food processor, blender, juicer, it is also a very useful machine for grinding coffee beans and nuts.

Don’t worry about the blade as it is not great to use cross blades for grinding coffee beans so; it also has a separate blade. Cross blade can be replaced with a flat blade, and you are good to go. If you want to make coffee beans fine, then you can redo the procedure multiple times, and the sharp flat blade will take care of it.

250-watt motor

Considering its design and use, there is not much consideration you would take on its power. It is solely designed to meet the needs of busy people who want to make everything quick using a single device. Although it is not as powerful as big blenders, it certainly does the job really quickly. 

With its sharp cutting blades and a 250-watt engine, you can complete the process in only ten seconds. This magic bullet blender can successfully cleave or mix ingredients. It can without much of a strain on blender crushes coffee beans and liquefy the smoothie’s ingredients.

Compact design

Probably the best thing about this magic bullet blender is that it is compact sized and designed to occupy less space. It really is exceptionally simple to store. Which is something beneficial for the individuals who have next to no additional counter space to work with? For the individuals who, as of now, have a microwave, espresso creator, blender, and toaster on the counter, the little impression is welcome. You can keep the mugs and cups concealed in a cabinet of the space until you need them and keep this magic bullet blender on the base for brisk use.

Stainless-Steel Flat Blade

This magic bullet blender is multi-purpose, so there is an extra bit of care you would need to take with its blade. You would not want to crush your blades by putting coffee beans and try to squash them with cross blades. So, this magic bullet blender comes with a flat blade. When you need to grind coffee beans or milling and whipping some ingredients, then the flat blade is the right choice. You can replace them with the cross blade.

Stainless-Steel Cross Blade

Magic bullet blender has a cross blade for normal use. When you are making smoothies, shakes or juices, then cross blade is the right blade to use. 

Compact size

The greatest in addition to this blender is the accommodation factor. It occupies next to no room, pretty much anyone can work on it, and it is very convenient to clean. Also, this machine can be utilized for such a significant number of utilizations. With regards to being adaptable and simple to utilize, only a small number of blenders can beat the Magic Bullet 17-piece express blending pack. This magic bullet blender is among the category of magic bullet mini blenders due to its compact size.

17-piece set

This blender incorporates 2 sharp edges, 2 cups, 4 mugs, 4 shaded solace lip rings, 2 fixed covers, 2 vented tops, and a formula book to help give you a thought of how to begin. This blender can hold either 32 oz. or then again 18 oz. Furthermore, it is an increasingly reasonable choice to the Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System. This makes it the best magic bullet blender among the categories of magic bullet mini blenders.


The Magic Bullet MBR-1701 accompanies strong enough specifications to settle on it. It is indeed a good decision for individuals who need to accomplish more in their kitchen. 

  • One-year guarantee 
  • 250 watts 
  • Weighs just 2.3 lbs 
  • UL recorded 
  • Single Speed 
  • Transparent development 
  • Made in China
  • The 17-piece pack offers you all that you may need with a blender. 
  • Two microwave-safe cups, one tall and one short 
  • One high-torque power base 
  • 1 flat Blade and 1 cross blade
  • 2 re-sealable covers 
  • 2 Shaker-Steamer Tops 
  • 4 Party Mugs with 4 shaded rings for distinguishing proof of various beverages 


  • As it is moderate and accompanies all that you need in your kitchen like a blender, coffee bean grinder and juicer so, it offers real value for money. 
  • The manufacturer offers a one-year guarantee, so it becomes a safe investment. 
  • Furthermore, Magic Bullet MBR-1701 can do significantly more than numerous different models. For this reason, it accompanies two extraordinary fine blades that enable you to accomplish distinctive purposes.
  • You can utilize the flat for processing, whipping, and crushing, you can utilize cross cutting edge all the more successful for grinding, mixing, and cleaving. 
  • It utilizes a little engine of 250-watts that powers a fast blending framework, enough to slice through regular-sized food particles.
  • The 250-watt power engine is not noisy at all, so it doesn’t cause any discomfort while operating it.
  • Also, it makes it lightweight and small in size, so it offers ease of use. The compact size only occupies a little space on your kitchen counter. 
  • The power base is made of stainless steel, which makes it solid. The cups and mugs are all microwave-safe and can be solidified, which makes them multi-purpose. As it has a little motor and little size, the clamor isn’t as much as other Nutribullet blenders.


  • One issue is you get six holders, however, just two stockpiling tops. This makes it difficult for you to protect the other four compartments whenever filled.
  • The size. All things considered, when it might be a decent choice for little kitchens, as it very well may be set inside a little cupboard, it is incredibly little if you need to plan something for more than one individual. Indeed, even the tall cup isn’t generally something that you can call tall or enormous. 
  • The size is minimal to the point that you need to leave the vegetables physically to put them into the holder for further slashing. This implies you need to do some manual work alone. The litter size methods you get just a little amount of whatever you get ready with this shot blender. So certainly not for a major family. 
  • The objective market for this item is people who need to spare time and get ready smoothies or shakes for just a single individual.

Customers Review

This Magic bullet blender has a huge number of reviews on Amazon. It has a solid 4.2 ratings from customers. A few clients love this blender for its minimal size, which occupies a little room on their kitchen counter. They likewise said that the magic bullet blender made their lives simpler, more advantageous, and makes “perfect” shakes.

Many of these magic bullet blender reviews suggest that juicer doesn’t pound ice appropriately, and smoothies end with lumps and bits of ice. But that is because they do not add a little amount of water in it. Least amount of water can make the ice break into very fine pieces and blend perfectly with a smoothie.


From the detailed and extensive magic bullet blender reviews, this blender certainly makes the list of must-have items in your kitchen. As long as you use it carefully, this blender will not disappoint you. This magic bullet blender can perform several operations like blending, chopping, juicer, so you can count on this. The magic bullet blender reviews on amazon have for other magic bullet mini blender has fewer ratings than this.


Generally, it is a phenomenal choice for the individuals who need a minimal and little alternative, and need to utilize the blender for the most part with delicate ingredients like organic products, vegetables, and dairy items. The motor is additionally little, which makes it lightweight and minimal. 

In any case, this blender isn’t intended to do overwhelming occupations. It is not for huge families and serves better for people who only use it for personal use and need only one glass of smoothie at a time.

In general, it does superbly what it is intended for. When you are buying this magic bullet blender, you should realize that it has a 250-watt engine, so you can’t expect indistinguishable outcomes from this. 

On the off chance that you are searching for a budget-friendly individual blender that does speedy little tasks, and are simply beginning with making smoothies, this one serves you splendidly. So wait no more and buy this super-beast now! We hope you’ll like our detailed-review guide on this machine. Don’t forget to share your reviews with us. 

If you are missing out on this vital inclusion, then there is no reason you should wait for more. Buy this magic bullet blender now.

Don’t waste your time!