Homgeek Mini Blender Smoothie Maker – Review and Buying Guide

Everyone wants to travel the whole world until and unless full of energy and courage. Good health matters a lot in hiking and mini blenders facilitate you during your journey. It makes your journey one of the most memorable times of your life that you remember till your last breath. 

What about the mini blender? The Bottle structure of the blender is compatible enough that you can bring it along yourself in schools, parks, gyms, and sports clubs. The bottle height and width are not too large that it can’t hold. So you carry it out whenever and wherever you want to take it. It can easily fit inside the pocket of your handbag. If you’re on travel, you can also cherish the taste of fresh juices and hang it on your backpack and let your blender give you zeal and energy so that you can go on the highest point. 

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Homgeek personal mini blender is known for its high speed and efficiency for making smoothies, shakes, baby formulas, and beverages. The major characteristic of this blender is its operating time. Its stainless steel blades only take 10 seconds to blend ingredients well and extract all the nutrients. It is also called as a one-touch basis that you fix your bottle and let the base do its task. So within a few minutes, you can prepare your delicious beverage!

Homgeek personal mini blender smoothie maker is a fruit or veggies extractor with a portable cup that is made up of high-quality ABS and Tritan materials. The specialty of homgeek blender is its Milling blades that stir fruits, vegetables, and other frozen ingredients effectively. It is available in a small size with which people enjoy delicious and healthy food. Now you can keep a balanced diet and good eating habits on track. Apart from additional features, it also contains a user manual that includes delicious recipes that help you to get started. 

Homgeek personal mini blender comes along with an operating bottle, which is similar to the drinking bottle. It is highly portable, which means different from traditional blenders not only in design and structure but also in functionalities. Always consider the capacity and portability first while purchasing a mini blender. Therefore, everyone can appreciate your choice and efforts. 

For everyone who is in favor of drinking fresh juices and shakes to make his/her lifestyle healthy and full of nutrients, the mini smoothie blender would be a great option. The capacity of the blender bottle is perfect to fulfill human nutrients level needs for a hard and hectic routine and help him/her to fight with day-to-day life challenges.

Homgeek Mini Smoothie Maker

It makes use of 350-watt motor power to let sharp blades crushed ingredients perfectly even for the ice cubes of size 2×2 (cm). Larger cubes more than of this size can cause severe damage to blades, and even sometimes, the motor can get burned. It proves the best formula to prepare baby food for kids and mothers would be a wonder to see its smoothness and consistency.

Its installation is unique and stylish that you don’t have to worry about it. Most of the women get scared when they make use of traditional blenders, and all of a sudden, blenders start working and begin to produce noise. Everyone would say thanks to homgeek after buying it due to its installation because it doesn’t start its working until and unless the bottle fixes itself properly and comes in contact with its base part. Even the motor won’t start working when anyone in your home, especially kids, presses the power button because you don’t have to plug the bottle as per instructions.

Homgeek Mini Blender Smoothie Maker – Key Features And Specifications

There are various bender options according to the needs and desires of the users. Whatever you make salsa, smoothies, shakes, juices, soups, baby formulas, and raspberry puree for your cheesecakes, the blender is the best option to have on hand. People keep a mini blender to enjoy a healthy life from fruits, vegetables, smoothies, cocktails, and milkshakes, etc. Let’s see the highlighted and major qualities of a homgeek personal mini blender or a smoothie maker.  

Quicktime and One-hand operation

The best and most unique aspect of homgeek blender is it takes less amount of time to blend fruits and vegetables. Approximately, it never takes more than 10 seconds to blend ingredients. It is useful in such a way that fewer nutrients are lost while blending. As when we blend in our traditional blender, the material gets exposed to oxygen, and all nutrients are get lost, which decreases the nutritional level. It means you’re taking nutrients to the fullest.

Homgeek Personal blender smoothie maker is easy to use due to its one-hand operation. It is designed in such a way that no complicated settings are required to operate it. Everyone can use it for crushing ice, veggies, and fruits. It can extract whole nutrition and vitamins from veggies and fruits within 10 seconds with the press of a button.

Compact Design

Homgeek smoothie blender is a single-serve blender that is reliable due to its compact design. Its motor stops working when jar or jug is not fixed on its base. All cups are made up of Tritan BPA free material, which is useful regarding health factors as well as it is also dishwasher safe. High quality and sturdy juice extractor that suits best for fruits, veggies, and ingredients. 

Excellent Components

It operates on 300 watts powerful motor. Stainless steel blades to spin the ingredients with full force that ensures smoothie blender has pulverized the material used such great power. It is highly used in preparing delicious smoothies, baby foods, and shakes. 4 stainless steel blades make it more powerful than it is incisive and durable for crushing ice and ingredients.

We all are living in a busy schedule where most of the people stop drinking fresh juices because they think it may take a lot of their time, and their time is so precious to consume over worthy things. That’s why they don’t move towards the kitchen. However, homgeek personal mini blender has given them a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the taste of real life. It has allowed users to blend material in the bottle as well as use a blending bottle as a drinking vessel after blending it. People have loved it because it saves time, and its cleaning process is simple and easy. Not only has this, but two years warranty is also offered by the homgeek brand that has made users excited!

Reliable and portable

Personal mini blenders with which you can make juices shakes and smoothies allow you to drink anything at any place and at any time independent of the time and facilities bound. Homgeek blender makes the blending process hassle-free.

Homgeek Mini Blender

Homgeek blender is useful due to its portability and convenience. Mini blender’s jug can be easily take off, and one can drink from it directly. No need to transfer shake in a glass because it is designed in a glass-like shape. It doesn’t take more time to clean. It is easy to install and operate. People keep it as a personal smoothie mixer, especially athletes, amateur, and gym users who want to take a smoothie mixer with a portable cup in their bags. 600ml blender with lid can be used for traveling or outdoor picnics. 


  • Portable juice cup It comes along with a portable juice cup that you can use at the hour of need when you want to share your juice with someone else. Cups are covered with lids.   
  • Stainless steel blades Homgeek mini blender is featured with 4 sharp stainless steel blades that spin the material in clockwise and extract healthy nutrients from fruits. 
  • Material It is made up of stainless steel + ABS + PCTG + PP material, which is easy to wash and feasible regarding health issues. 
  • Quality time It takes 10 seconds to extract nutrients from fruits due to which it can be exposed to oxygen for lesser time and maintain its nutrition level. 
  • Cleanup processWe have scheduled our life busy and tough that we don’t have enough time to sit idle and think about leisure time. In such a tight deadline, who will wash the blender’s bottles if they require a lengthy cleaning process? Homgeek facilitates its users by giving them an easy cleaning process of mini blenders.  

US Plug power adapter

  • Capacity It has a 600ML capacity, which is quite enough to prepare juice or milkshake for two persons. Moreover, you can also store juice in it so that you can drink after intervals. 
  • Power It takes 350W to operate, especially its blades when they work together, they need more power to spin.  
  • Max speed Homgeek blender operates at a maximum speed of 19000-21000RPM, and it is considered as a speed, which may chop anything when passing through its ways. 
  • Voltage The homgeek blender requires AC100-120V 60Hz voltage to function well. 
  • Single-serve It is called as a single-serve fruit and vegetable mixer because it only needs one push-button to start its working. 
  • High electric power Devices that require high electric power have more energy to chop or blend anything.   

Travel lid and Tritan travel sport bottle: Due to its compact and friendly structure, bottles are covered with a travel lid and Tritan so that juices or shakes stay safe and fresh during traveling.   

2-year warranty

Package includes blender cup, blender base, blade assembly, cup lid, and user manual that have delicious and tasty recipes to make smoothies 

Its color is silver and such a lightweight product (2.76 pounds) that can easily be shipped and available in 4.3 x 5.5 x 16.1 inches dimensions

  • It needs only 10 seconds to juice
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • One-hand easy to use operation
  • Includes portable cups
  • Won’t turn on if the jar is not fixed on its right position
  • Safety features
  • Multi-purpose 4-in-1 system
  • Blends the food with minimal oxygen
  • Durable, long-lasting, and easily cleanable
  • Frozen fruits don’t grind up as finely as fresh fruits do
  • Blade units get jammed at times
  • Can be a little bit noisy at times


Customer’s Reviews And Conclusion

No two houses are similar in design, architecture, and design, which means everyone has different tastes and needs in life. Same as it is, everyone has different kitchen appliances according to their needs and requirements. Consequently, no bender is perfect for all people. We all know about our needs, and we carefully consume our money on such products. It is always suggested to read about user reviews before purchasing any blender. Homgeek blender Review helps you to find good values, specifications, and features in products that best fit individual needs. It is hard to believe someone’s story, but the reviews can give you a deep-in-depth history of blenders that what are their features, specifications, and flaws that let any user purchase or resist confidence. However, before jumping into the details, let’s see what reviewers love to see in their desired purchased product. 

Homgeek personal blender is equipped with a motor that can give 300W power with 23000RPM. Its sharp blades allow you to get creamy, milky and rich drinks in your routine. Vegetables and fruits are squeezed in a way that they never let waste nutrients and juice. 

The first look is considered as the last look. This proverb is followed in blender’s design because when something fascinates you due to its outer look, you want to get it as soon as you can. It is in human nature that it rushes towards glittery and unique designed products. Brands also follow this technique to sell their products in stores. Homgeek personal blender is designed in a way that there is no need to assemble all its parts repeatedly. The bottle design is simple and can easily take off, and users can drink from it when they are on their go.

Every kitchen has its requirements according to family size when we talk about blenders. But when we come across personal blenders, we look for mini size blender so that it becomes easy to handle as it shows from its name that it is a mini blender and perfect suit for a single person due to its bottle type design.

All electronic items are much of cost, and if you spend your money wisely, then you can feel proud, but if you waste your time with the money, you may feel guilty forever in life. Homgeek mini blender is in everyone’s range, and the brand offers 2 years warranty on its malfunctioning.

If you are looking for an inexpensive mini blender for your usage so that you can make fresh smoothies and juices in your office, gym, or picnic, then might be you are looking for a homgeek personal mini blender. No doubt, it has a compact design structure, but it has a decent capacity to energize more than two persons. It would be a perfect traveling companion, when you feel the craving of fresh milkshakes but can’t get because you’re out of your home.