Best Juicing Blenders – Reviews & Buying Guides

Are you thinking about adopting a healthy diet regime? Then adding juices, smoothies, and shakes in your diet is crucial. Having fresh juices offer a direct intake of the required nutrients. Well, we are happy for you and wish you luck for your health quest, but wait, do you have the best juicing blender to extract the fresh juice? If not, then it’s time to purchase one for your kitchen. The market is filled with a variety of juicing blenders, but to have the best blender for juicing, you need to read the juicer blender reviews. These juicing blender review will offer a valuable insight into the best blender for juicing.

So here we are with another insightful and informative juicer blender reviews. If you are planning on having the best blender for juicing, then keep on reading to gain valuable information.

A juicer blender is a valuable kitchen gadget that extracts the juice from all kinds of fruits and vegetables along with nutrients. But according to the juicing blender reviews, the blenders are multipurpose, and you can use them to mix and blend anything you want.  

Best 3 Blenders For Juicing

To ease your quest for the best blender for juicing, we have shortlisted three best juicing blenders according to various blending requirements and different juicer blender reviews. So, choose the one that suits your requirements the most. 

1. Little Bees Mini Portable Rechargeable Juicing Blender

So here, we have the mini portable juicing blender with rechargeable batteries. The portable mini juicing blender is your ultimate solution to make fresh juices, shakes, and baby food anywhere you want. With the ice crushing technology, you can enjoy your frozen delights on the go. The juicing blender is USB rechargeable and thus offers you freedom from the wired countertop juicing blenders. The jar of the juicing blender is in the shape of the water bottle so you can drink your fresh juice, smoothie, or shake directly from the jar.

Product specification:

  • Product Name: Little Bees portable mini rechargeable juicer mixer
  • Dimension: 10 x 2.6 x 3.2 inches
  • Weight: 1.43 pounds
  • The material used: food grade PP and stainless steel
  • Power requirements: 4800 mAh batteries with 3.7V and 12 A current
  • No of jars: single jar with 420 to 530 Ml capacity
  • Ice crushing technology
  • Charging mode: mobile charger
  • BPA free material to offer you highly healthy juices, shakes, and smoothies
  • Dishwasher safe to save time and effort
  • Portable water bottle jar to make fresh and healthy juices wherever and whenever you want
  • Made of food-grade PP to deliver utmost strength, reliability, durability and temperature resistance
  • Ice crushing technology to blast ice into snow in seconds
  • The mixer juicer won’t work if the batteries are not charged

2. CSHID-US Personal Juicer Portable Blender

Looking for the best juicing blender for personal use? How about having a personal detachable and rechargeable juicer blender? The new portable blender from CSHID-US has been praised in all the juicer blender reviews. The mini rechargeable mixer blender comes with a 4000 mAh battery and a USB cable to take your juicer with you everywhere. The personal juicer mixer is an ideal choice if you are planning on having a blender for smoothies, protein shakes, fresh juices, etc.

Product specification:

  • Product Name: CSHID-US personal juicer cup for shakes and smoothies
  • Dimension: 3.1 x 2.6 x 11 inches
  • Weight: 1.81 pounds
  • The material used: food-grade enhanced ABS, Borosilicate glass jar
  • Power requirements: 4000 mAh batteries with 7.4V and 10-15 A current
  • No of jars: single jar made of high Borosilicate glass
  • Ice crushing technology
  • Rotation speed: 15000 to 25000RPM
  • Dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning
  • BPA free high food-grade material to avoid any harmful chemicals
  • Portable mini jar to take your drink along with you
  • Made of food-grade PP to deliver utmost strength, reliability, durability, and temperature resistance jar is made of high borosilicate glass to sustain for longer use
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Ice crushing technology to blast ice into snow in seconds
  • 6 blades design for crushing, blending, and processing fruits and vegetables into fine pastes
  • Could be a problem if not charged properly

3. Aicook 700 W, Smoothie Blender

If the personal juicing blender is not something you want, then here is the best juicing blender with maximum capacity and speed. The multifunctional juicing blender from Aicook is a must-have when it comes to shopping for the best juicing blender for large families. It offers a massive capacity of 48 oz. or 6 cups in a single-serve, depending on the size of the serving. The giant ice crushing technology in the super-smart blender is the perfect solution to get lip-smacking frozen delights, smoothies, shakes, and fresh juices.

Product Specification:

  • Product Name: Aicook glass jar smoothie blender
  • Dimension: 10.9 x 8.4 x 13.5 inches
  • Weight: 8.3 pounds
  • The material used: Tritan glass pitcher 
  • Power requirements: 700 watts
  • No jars: single glass jar with 48oz. capacity
  • Ice crushing technology
  • Warranty: 2 years of quality warranty
  • Rotation speed: 28000RPM
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
  • 4thick blades to facilitate ice crushing, frozen delights, and smoothies
  • 700 watts of power to crush and smash even the hardest ingredients
  • Detachable blades for convenient cleaning
  • The blades need to be handled with utmost care to avoid any accidents

Buying Guide

The juicers mentioned above are among the best juicing blenders available in the market. However, if you are thinking about making a purchase, then here are a few things you need to bear in mind. 

Make a list:

Making a list of all the deciding factors is crucial to choose the best juicing blender according to your criteria.

Market search:

Never shop any product without any significant market search. The market is filled with all sorts of products and price ranges. So it is always advisable to go through the market to get and insight.

Budget factor:

Decide the price you are willing to pay for a particular product before even starting the online search. Budget marking is essential to buy a product within your budget limits.

Customers’ Reviews:

The customers are always quick to give a review, so here are some of the juicing blender reviews of the people who have actually used these products. A lot of people admire the portable mini blenders due to the ease and the comfort they offer while, on the other hand, others demand the large capacity to cater to large family needs. So it is always advisable to choose the blender according to your requirements.

Our Conclusion:

Having a blender for your use is a long term investment, so it is always prudent to make the right choice by listing down the requirements, budget, and options. We hope our review would help you with choosing the most appropriate blender for your home.