Best Hand Blenders – Reviews & Buying Guides

Technology and the modern era have moved the world towards easiness and facilities either it relates to the labs, institutes, or kitchens. Blending with the hand was such a tough backend of the years, plus it also took a long time to crush materials. Blending has become easiest with different kinds of Kitchenaid hand blenders automated and electronic best hand blender to blend cold drinks, hot soups, and even crepe butter. We have retrieved comfortable, easy to use, beakers, dishwasher safe, and multiple blending shafts. Let’s dig into the details of the best hand blender of 2019 & 2020

So, continue reading this article, and we’ll share the best handheld blenders list. 

1. KitchenAid KHB2351CU 3-Speed hand blender (Contour Silver)

KitchenAid KHB2351CU 3-speed hand blender is a non-slippery, soft, and comfortable, grippy blender which is used to blend the items or ingredients continuously. It has many attachments which make it most used the item in the kitchen like whisk attachment to whip egg whites, cream, vinaigrettes and mayonnaise. Another best handheld blender is chopper attachment which is fixed with lid locks to chop herbs, nuts, cheese, and cooked meat. Blending becomes easy, convenient, and quick due to its soft grip and non-slippery properties.  

3-speed best handheld blenders are found in every home due to its durability, adjustment, and feasibility, either operational or non-operational. A lot of things are there which you can do with a 3-speed hand blender every day. You can use it to blend favorite smoothies, pureeing a savory harvest soup, can crush ice for refreshing summer beverages, can chop different kinds of fruits and vegetables in different shapes, can crack nuts, and whip cream to fluffy peaks and many more things. 

It depends upon the type of the finest grounded materials that you want to ground. Chopper attachment makes it feasible and desirable for processing the harder cheese and nuts crackers. Do you need whipping cream and egg whites to bake a cake then 3-speed blender is at the kitchen shelf which will help you out?

  • 3-speed
  • Canvas storage bag
  • Several attachments: whisk, chopper bowl and mixing jar
  • Comfortable and strong grip
  • Chopper bowl and lid seal is too tight
  • Absence of pan guards for blade cover
  • Dishwashers adapters are vague to use

Features and Specifications:

  • Features and Specifications are given below: 
  • Detachable 8-inch blending Arm for carrying out easy operations whenever there is a need to blend in bottomless containers.
  • It provides a non-slip and soft grip to its holder at the time of blending ingredients.
  • 3-cup Free blending jar with lid 
  • 1-year Assurance 
  • Its color is contour silver; the Item weight is only 2 pounds which is feasible to lift and available in 2.3 x 2.3 x 15.8 inches dimensions.


Its capacity is interlinked with its speed variations. Three-speed versions are available in the market i.e., 5 speed, 3 speed, and 2 speed. Let’s dig into the details. 


It has limitless and versatile features that are consist of an 8-inch blending arm. It is used to blend ingredients into deeper pots. It’s easily changeable bell blade assemblies without the assistance of outbox tools, easily twist off, S-blade for blending faster, versatile blades to crush ice, beater blade for whipping cream and milk, etc. whisk, chopper and 13-inch blending blade enhance its functionality.      


It includes less number of items as compared to a 5-speed blender. It is used for crushing, chopping, whisking, and pureeing purposes. Included attachments only whip the cream and egg whites, crack nuts and harder cheese, etc. it does not include jars, lid, or storage bags but removable pan guards.


It facilitates users to make smoothies, soups, or baby foods, etc. it only includes the wistful blending arm, which is easily cleanable. 

Customer Reviews

Recent research has been done on best hand blender reviews, and it is clear that people are rushing towards the markets to have it due to its durability, synthetic material, flexibility, and feasibility. After buying this product, people share their views, and they all agree to the point that it’s really a need for a kitchen and has made life easier. Some of them share their negative reviews like user manual details are not clear and fairy quickly to whip six eggs etc. All these cons can be solved if users pay heed towards its functionality and user manual deeply and they will have a great experience though! 

2. Hamilton Beach 59765 immersion Hand blender

Hamilton Beach 59765 immersion Hand blenderHamilton Beach 59675 best hand Immersion blender comes with whisk and chopping bowls for satisfying the chopping, mixing and blending needs. It all attachments are detachable and cleanable. Chopping bowl size varies to 2 cups.    

It is a multi-function tool and performs various jobs like blend, mix, puree, and chop. People prefer to keep only one tool instead of having speared ones for each job. Blades are made up of long-lasting stainless steel, and additional accessories make it a device package for a kitchen. That’s why people feel convenient to go with the best handheld immersion blender.   

  • Feasible and affordable prices
  • Contains storage containers
  • Comes with food-chopper attachments
  • Whip soup and heavy cream
  • Old design and style
  • Can’t chop frozen ingredients

Features and Specifications:

  • Safe dishwasher attachment 
  • Chops ingredients rightly in the bowl
  • Consist of whisking, blending wand and chopping bowls  
  • Multi-functionality: blending, mixing, whipping, chopping and pureeing 
  • Operates with a 225-watt motor.
  • Its color is Silver and stainless steel; the Item weight is only 3.26 pounds which is feasible to lift and available in 6.6 x 9.2 x 8.8 inches dimensions.


Hamilton Beach Immersion Hand blender is a 3 piece blender which means it is available in 3 different sizes. Small, medium, and large. 

Customer Reviews:

According to a survey, people love to buy this item due to its material because lots of people complain about the stainless steel material which produces an electric current. People enjoy their breakfast in offices, homes, and traveling places with the help of this gadget!

3. Cuisinart CSB-75BC smart Stick 200-watt 2-speed hand blender

Cuisinart CSB-75BC smart Stick 200-watt 2-speed hand blenderCuisinart CSB-75BC smart stick 200 watts 2-speed hand blender is available in different funky and sophisticated colors. You can use it for pureeing purposes either to puree the soup in a pot or fizz the hot chocolate. It’s a most helpful tool at breakfast time to prepare smoothies and soft drinks with yogurt in less time.

People use it for blending tasks like blending fruits to turn them into beverages, extendable blending options, safe blending shaft, one-handed blending, etc. it is also highly recommendable due to its economic affordability and easy to grip its handles. Top of Form

  • 200-watt motor due to which easily run by pressing buttons only
  • Long-lasting blenders
  • Detachable blunder part after usage
  • Available in different colors
  • Short power cord (32 inches approximately)
  • Not used to crush ice
  • Can’t chop foods

Features and Specifications:

  • A 200-watt motor can handle more blending tasks.
  • Multi-design pots, bowls, and pitchers for extendable blending options. 
  • Comfortable hold and grip 
  • Function with 2 speed, one for the easy touch control, and one for handed blending.
  • Dishwasher safe blending shaft 
  • 2-cup mixing beaker
  • Blending attachments with a stainless steel blade and blade guard.
  • Its color is Silver and stainless steel; the Item weight is only 2.2 pounds which is feasible to lift and available in 4.8 x 4.8 x 15.8 inches dimensions. 


Cuisinart CSB-75BC smart Stick 200-watt 2-speed hand blender has a different capacity ranging from a single piece to multiple pieces. Multi blender includes a smart stick along with a beaker and a bowl.

Customer Reviews:

Although it is not made for crushing ice, people had reviewed ninja hand blender that they also use for crushing ice and still working well. It has a great power to hold into the glass or bowl. Due to the silver guard’s material, it leaves long-lasting impacts. People recommend it due to its durability!! 

Hand Blenders Buying Guide

Some times you want to know how to use a hand blender in the right way. The checklist must be consist of design, pricing, reputation, ease of use, durability, and flexibility, power, speed, and control, and in the end, the most important one is functionality.

Speed and Power:

All of the blenders mentioned above usually operate in between 200-250-watt power/speed, which is quite good. 


Speed is the most crucial point to assess the functionality of a product. Above mentioned blenders are speedy products and most important you can vary their speed upon requirement. 

Quality and Durability:

3 blenders are made up of plastic material while their blades are made up of steel or stainless steel that are quite long-lasting.


All products are in various designs, formats, and colors. 

Ease of use:

Easy to handle, and one can use them safely without getting harm or lossless weight due to which lifting is easy. 


Multi-tasking gadgets and carry on all Kitchenaid tasks and also fastened with additional useful accessories.   


Today a rare home could be that you will find without blending products. Earlier blending products not only take efforts but time too. To elevate the efforts and time, different household items have been introduced in which blender is one of them which completes the tasks in less than a minute. Blending, crushing, beating, chopping, pureeing, and whipping life has become easy due to these amazing appliances indeed.