Best BLACK+DECKER Blender – Review and Buying Guide

With the fast-paced life, we demand everything equally fast and innovative to save time and effort. Our kitchens are filled with loads of gadgets and tools to make every day cooking convenient and effortless. But when one of the dough you in the middle of an important dinner or meal than what? A blender is one significant kitchen tool that lets you make delicious and lip-smacking meals, smoothies, and drinks in no time. But having a blender from a good brand is pertinent to get the unparalleled service for a long haul.

Opting for a blender from an unknown brand might give you a monetary advantage, but it would not be a prudent investment. And if your blender has left you in chaos right now, it’s time to say goodbye to this old junk and opt for the innovation and technology. The BLACK and DECKER blender could be your savior with the latest technology and innovative blending features at an extremely reasonable price.

If you are thinking about starting a healthy diet regime, then having a blender is crucial. The smoothies are the most effective way to increase your fruits and vegetable intake without panicking about their cooking; moreover, you can make homemade butter, sauces, and dips to ensure hygiene and health. A blender would also ensure you get your smoothies, protein shakes, and nutrient-filled juices within no time. The sharp blades with the 4-tip feature will cut, chop, and blend even the hardest ingredients and leave you with the even frothy outcome. 

Pondering about investing in a new blender, then it is prudent to go for the customers’ review first. Search the BLACK and DECKER blender reviews and choose the best BLACK and DECKER blender.

BLACK and DECKER have made their name in the gadgets industry by offering extremely innovative products at a highly reasonable rate without compromising on the quality. Today in this BLACK and DECKER blender review, we are going to discuss the Black & Decker BL2010BG blender review. The blender has earned the name in the market as being the cheapest blender with the highest reliability and durability features. So without further ado, get on the info bandwagon and start our review regarding Black & Decker BL2010BG blender.

The blender comes with a 10-speed function setting and a pulse feature. This only offers narrow options to choose the right speed for you. The blender can hold 6 cups of content to serve a family meal. With the stainless steel 4-tip blades, the BLACK DECKER blender is all set to deliver evenly blended drinks, sauces, and frozen delights. The blades are crafted to blend the ingredients at various levels for effortless blending.


Features of BLACK and DECKER Blender

You can never have an idea regarding any product unless you go through its features and functions. So to ease your decision, we have listed down some of the fantastic features of BLACK DECKER blender.

Here you go!

Multiple speed with Pulse feature

BLACK and DECKER blender comes with 550 watts of motor power to blend and crush even the hardest material. But we do need something to control the speed. So here in the BLACK and DECKER blender, you get the 10-speed functions to adjust your blending speed according to your requirements. With the pulse feature, you can avoid the sticking of material in the hard to reach parts of the blades and give your ingredients a nice whirling blending.

Glass blending container

The BLACK DECKER blender comes with the glass blending container having a capacity of 48 ounces. This 6-cup jar is convenient, sturdy, and reliable for the massive blending tasks. Moreover, you get the pour spout at the glass jar to avoid any kind of spillage or mess. The glass of the blending jar is made of high-class glass to bear breakage and damages. So if you are thinking about the blending jar that needs to be sturdy and reliable, then here is the best possible solution. The BLACK and DECKER blender with the glass jar container is the prudent choice with 48 oz. Capacity to cater to large dinner or family requirements.

Four-tip blades

Looking for something reliable to get instant smoothies, shakes, and frozen delicacies? Then why not to choose BLACK and DECKER blender with the 4-tip stainless steel blades that will cut and smash anything inside. The blades in BLACK DECKER blender are placed in such a manner that assists in a consistent blending job. The multi-level blades are effective even to shave the ice into snow for you to enjoy in summers.

So the next time you want a sharp edge blade blender with reliable settings chooses the BLACK and DECKER blender.

Measuring lid

BLACK and DECKER blender comes with a measuring lid to offer assistance in measuring the ingredients without creating a mess. The lid has very prominent and clear measurements carved on it to ease your cooking. The lid can hold up to 1 ounce of ingredient. So if you are making any recipe that requires exactly measured ingredients, the measuring lid is a lot of help. The cover of the blender is divided into two parts, the lid, and the central cup-like part to allow you to add in the jar while blending. The central part of the lid also allows the measurement to let you keep track of the quantity of the ingredients added.

Dishwasher safe

One of the biggest concerns while purchasing the blender is its cleaning once it’s done the blending. Most of the blenders available in the market pose serious trouble while cleaning them up. But with the BLACK and DECKER blender, you do not have to worry about the cleaning part. All the parts of BLACK DECKER blender are removable and dishwasher safe to deliver you a blender that causes you no trouble while washing or cleaning. All parts of the blender are made of high-quality material to ease the cleaning. Moreover, you can also wash the blades of the BLACK DECKER blender, as they are also non-corrosive. You can use a dishwasher to wash and clean your BLACK and DECKER blender and trust us it is literally a breeze of ease.

Light-weighted power giant

As compared to other competitors in the market, the BLACK and DECKER blender comes with a very light motor base with non-skid suction feet. The weight of the blender is only 7 pounds that makes it easier to lift and shift in the kitchen. Moreover, with the sleek and contemporary design of BLACK DECKER blender, it offers no trouble in storing and spacing.

With the suction feet, the blender stays in one place and thus doesn’t cause any spillage or accidents. Moreover, with the suction feet, you can leave your blender on its blending job while handling other kitchen chores. The suction will not allow the blender to wander around on the shelf and keep it in one place.

Cord storage

You will have the cord wrap with the BLACK and DECKER blender to keep your blender cord safe and your kitchen tidy. All you do is to use your blender whenever you want and then wrap up the cord. Most of the time, the cord of the blender gets damages and thus causes accidents. 

Product specifications:

  • Product Name: BLACK and DECKER BL2010BG
  • Product dimension: 8.5 x 9.9 x 13.5 inches
  • Weight: 7 lbs.
  • The material used: glass jar  
  • Power requirements: 550 watts
  • No of jars: single glass for blending
  • The capacity of jars: 48 oz.


  • Inexpensive as compared to other competitors in the market without compromising on the quality
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Comes with the suction feet for controlled blending
  • Convenient storage due to sleek design
  • Dishwasher safe to make cleaning easier
  • Brilliant blade with 4-tip stainless steel material for perfect smoothies, shakes, sauces, dips, and frozen delicacies
  • Sturdy glass jar to provide long jar life and avoid accidents.
  • Pour spout to avoid spillage and dripping
  • Measuring lid to add more convenience


  • The blades might lose, and leakage occurs
  • The blender is a bit noisy
  • The blades are quite sharp and thus requires extra care while handling

Customers’ Reviews And Conclusion:

The BLACK and DECKER blender is a perfect choice if you are thinking about having a reliable and durable blender at a highly reasonable price. We have written down some of the BLACK and DECKER blender reviews of customers who actually use this product. Most of them are of the view that BLACK and DECKER blender offers a reliable blending machine in a budget. So from a money and quality point of view, it is a good investment.

However, all of the BLACK and DECKER blender reviews state that the blender comes with quite sharp blades that require extra care while handling and cleaning. If you don’t want to get involved in an accident, try to use a dishwasher or gloves while cleaning the blades.

The customers also reviewed in BLACK DECKER blender reviews that the blender is a bit noisy blender, which is quite understandable due to the job it has to perform. But the best selling point of BLACK and DECKER blender is its sturdy and extremely reliable glass blending jar with 48 oz. Capacity.

The BLACK and DECKER blender is an ideal choice if you have a large family or thinking about inviting a guest over dinner. The motor base requires 550 watts of power, which is quite sufficient if you want a blender for personal use. 

So here are some of the BLACK and DECKER blender reviews that will ease you in making your decision. It will allow you to choose the right product after going through all the BLACK DECKER blender reviews.

Final verdict

The BLACK and DECKER blender comes with 4-tip blades with multi-level blending features to make your blending even more smooth and even. The blending is not only great for making smoothies and shakes, but you can also use it for grinding and chopping. With the 10 speed function, the power is in your hand to adjust the speed according to your blending needs.

The glass jar of the BLACK DECKER blender is made with excellent quality material that can withstand even a bad fall. The glass jar offers a strong grip with the sleek design, as well. So if you have kids in your home that love to run around in the kitchen, then having a reliable glass jar blender is a must to avoid consistent replacements.

With the 48 oz. capacity the BLACK DECKER blender offers you ease and convenience to make drinks and shakes for at least 5 people at a time. As far as the lid of the BLACK and DECKER blender is a concern, the blender comes with a sturdy tight lid having a pouring hole in the middle. The lid also has a measuring part that fits in the center of the lid. You can use that measuring pot for measuring the ingredients before dropping them into your blender.

The blades of the BLACK and DECKER blender are extremely sharp that can cut and chop fruits, vegetables, and hard ingredients to delicious smoothies, shakes, and juices. With the pulse feature, you can avoid sticking of ingredients on the inner side of the blades and can also ensure even blending.

The 10-speed function of the blender is all set to deliver you with more control and precision while blending. The maximum blending power is 550 watts, and at this, the blenders perform at peak. You can also get benefited with the pour spout on the glass jar that will add precision in your pouring and protect the output from dripping and spilling.

Which type of blender you can have in your kitchen depends on various factors like the usage, budget, frequency of usage, and outcomes you expect from your blender. If you are looking for something that can cater to your family needs for the smoothies, shakes frozen delights, and juices, the BLACK and DECKER blender is the best choice. If you want the blender to be in budget and cheaper as compared to high-end products in the market, BLACK and DECKER blender is the one you are looking for. If you need your blender to be storage-friendly and occupies less counter space, then with the sleek and contemporary design, the BLACK and DECKER blender is the best contender. The appliance-like BLACK and DECKER blender makes your routine cooking much convenient and effortless.

Not only the cooking part, but it will also make the cleaning part much easier. As all the parts in the BLACK and DECKER blender are removable, you can wash them separately to avoid any cuts or accidents. You can also use the machine dishwasher as these parts are entirely dishwasher friendly. Moreover, the material used in BLACK and DECKER blender is BPA free, which means you can store your food in it without worrying about the health.

So why not opt for BLACK and DECKER blender this winter to make your smoothies and shakes even more effortless and delicious?