Best Blenders under 100 Dollars – Reviews & Buying Guide

You must have heard “Buy what you don’t have yet, or what you really want’’ Necessities vary from person to person but here you might get what you really need. Let’s elaborate and make things more vivid for you. We are referring to the best blenders under 100 dollars. It can be tiresome to extract juices for children, especially when they have to go to school on time, and you are short of time. Well, in that case, the best blender proves to be worth saving your time. Why would you go to a grocery store and search out for one such that you can get here easily? 

In ordinary juicer machines, only certain fruits can be chopped as well as you can only have the extract without peels as most of the nutrition lies in the fibers! In that case, it is best to have a quality blender at home, which you can get here at affordable prices. You must be thinking about what is so special about the blenders mentioned below. Well, here are the best blenders for under $100 along with their specifications and features. There can be many reasons you need a blender well it’s very simple, it is the basic necessity of every kitchen. To have a healthy way of living a blender is an absolute requirement. You will be able to produce tasty, nutritious, and fresh foodstuffs immediately with the least effort. Let’s take a look at the best blender under 100 dollars.

1. Oster MyBlend

Oster MyBlendSpecifications:

  • MyBlend Single wall used for Simple Juices with capacity 1=20 oz.
  • Stylish Blender cord length 16 inches consumes 250 watts for simple beverages
  • Crushes ice with power of 400 watts
  • 15.25x 5 x 5 in Inches
  • Suitable and quick My Blend under $100 fits perfectly in prompt lifestyle
  • Sport bottle can be used separately
  • Bottle’s narrow shape
  • Can’t chop some vegetables completely

Customer Reviews: 

Reviews of customers are most important to know about any product so it cannot be neglected. As far as the customer reviews are concerned about this blender, the majority of them praised the facility that they could carry it with them wherever they wanted, and it was light-weight also. The customers also admired the different shades of this blender and the recipe guide that is provided along with the blender. 

Also, as the oyster company gives offers to have an additional sports bottle and you never run out of bottles, this facility was also admired by the customers. Some of them said that the blender worked for a very short time, so the best way to avoid this issue is to tackle the machine carefully and use it with precautionary measures and keep a soft hand on it.

2. Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher BlenderSpecifications:

  • Peak power 700 watts
  • Glass jar 40 oz.
  • Weight 7.7 Lbs.
  • Working of waves for fine mixing
  • Stainless steel
  • 3 in 1 functionality
  • Easy to clean
  • Saber blades
  • Delicious smoothie one touch away
  • Plastic base ring so cannot crush frozen fruits
  • Cannot break large pieces

Customer Reviews:

The customers were satisfied with the functionality of the blender as it performed multiple functions such as ice-crushing and making juices. Some of them were also happy with their zero burning-smells. One of those customers was also satisfied with the button for self-cleaning and said it made the clean-up process easy for her. The directions provided on the base of blender were also found quite convenient by the customers. However, those who complained about the structure of the blender, for their convenience, the proper procedure is mentioned.

3. KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender

KitchenAid 5-Speed BlenderSpecifications:

  • From its highest point, it measures 17 inches which is a fairly large size, and you can make enough amount of drinks if you are part of a big family and have cheesy siblings. *fair enough*


  • BPA free 56-ounce pitcher that is larger than Hamilton beach
  • The pitcher is narrower than HB blenders how it makes it better in the sense that blades are more in contact with food crushing it properly


  • Costs less than a hundred dollars
  • from stir-chop-mix-puree to liquefy, all instructions clearly mentioned
  • Available in fifteen different colors
  • Sturdy motor results in smooth texture
  • blends and chops food items thoroughly
  • Spacious blender jar
  • Tricky cleaning
  • Gets over-heated sometimes

Customer Reviews:

Overall, the customers admired the manufacturing and working of the machine as they found it speedy and were ultimately satisfied with the working of blades. The customers were also satisfied with the size of the blender as one of them said it perfectly fitted in the kitchen. The durability and speed of the blender succeeded to grab the attention of customers. One the opposite poles some of them said the machines started to leak out after a short period. This issue can be resolved with the careful handling of the machine and taking proper precautionary measures for its safety.

4. Oster Simple Blend 100

Oster Simple Blend 100Specifications:

  • Untainted Steel blade
  • For accurate blending, it has the pulse feature
  • Provide three year’s guarantee
  • Strongest Pro-4 Blade for crushing and 700 power in watts
  • 10 seconds blending on medium, 20 seconds blending on high
  • Fasten blending speed at any point
  • Allows ten distinct speeds making it versatile
  • Super easy to make whipped soups within a short time
  • Properly liquefy the fruits without leaving chunks
  • Just rinse the dishwasher and cleaning is done
  • The insubstantial lid of the blender

Customer Reviews:

Most of the customers found the blender really convenient for them, as some of them mentioned the exact way to use it to avoid bad consequences. They also admired the design and said it was stylish and attractive. They also admired the simplicity of blender and said it was easy to use. The multifunctioning and affordability of this blender also caught the attention of the customers. There were complaints about the material that did not last long, so here is the solution, the blender has three years’ warranty. Just grab a new one and enjoy healthy beverages. 

5. Countertop Professional Commercial Mixer Blender

Countertop Professional Commercial Mixer Blender


  • 2200 Watts of power
  • 110 V of Voltage
  • 70 ounces in Capacity
  • 4-kilograms in Weight
  • Fastest blending speed
  • Large amounts of materials can be added due to larger capacity
  • Extracts plenty of the vitamins providing full energy
  • Resists heat and acid-free
  • Crushes ice swiftly used for frozen drinks
  • Takes less time because of the fastest speed
  • Multipurpose as it performs: dry-grinding, meat-grinding, smoothies, soymilk, milkshakes, hot-soup, and fresh-juice
  • Refinement needed in the design

Customer Reviews:

The majority of the customers were satisfied with the swift blending and functionality of the machine and said the price was so high. Customers also loved its multitasking aspect as they said it blended everything from fruits and vegetables to chicken and beef literally also. However, one complained that the material was getting rusty. The best possible solution is to dry it completely after washing the machine. 

Buying Guide

Hand blenders, as we all know, are the machines used to extract different textures. They have multiple benefits. The above mentioned 5 best blenders under 100 dollars have some unique features.


If you are a travel enthusiast and diet-conscious too, in that case, you surely will not like to disturb your eating and drinking habits. So when you go outside, you keep your luggage and necessary items with you. When you are out of home or traveling somewhere, your lifestyle surely gets disturbed, but that should not stop you from a healthy diet. Juices and smoothies are best to maintain your healthy lifestyle, so make sure the intake of minerals and vitamins on a daily basis. For that purpose, unlike other food-processors, these blenders are easy to carry because of their lightweight. These blenders are small-sized so they can be taken everywhere in your suitcase, purse, or backpack.


The best blender under $100 for smoothies can be adjusted at different speeds without any difficulty. When the blenders have high speed, then you do not need to cut food into pieces, and you will not need to add items step by step. These blenders possess sufficient speed and power to create a perfect blend as the speed of all the blenders varies from 250 watts to 2200 watts. By using these fast speed blenders not only you can extract different juices and make drinks or smoothies of your choice but also make pastes for cooking and hot soup for winters.

Add some warm water into the selected vegetables, and after one speedy blend, you’ll have your veg soup in your hand. Most of the blenders mentioned above have more than one speed and can be used at varying pace as per requirement and for controlling speed have speed knob so the speed can be adjusted during operation.


These blenders have captivating designs and are also pocket-friendly. If you like colorful items in your kitchen for that matter, these blenders are available in different shades to meet your choice.


These blenders are the best small machines you could have in the kitchen. These best smoothie blenders under $100, you can perform any function whether you feel like having a casual beverage or obtaining chopped food on large scales. Well, for your convenience, let me enlist all the tasks. All of the above mentioned best-rated blenders under 100 dollars are multi-tasking as they include grinding, chopping, ice-crushing, dry grinding of cereals and beans, and meat grinding. It could prove to be your loyal friend as the best-rated blender under 100 dollars performs multiple functions such as making pastes for cooking and smoothies. One of these blenders has the facility that it can be used as a separate water bottle so you can keep your favorite smoothie with you all day.


Most of the home appliances mostly do not provide a satisfaction guarantee, but all of these blenders have three years’ warranty which provides the safest option to buy these blenders, and this warranty is for the original purchaser only.


These blenders are of high quality and simple in their usage also last longer than any other food processor. These are the most durable blenders and also low-cost and simple. Powerful motors also add up to the durability of the blenders. 

Stay Hydrated and Happy! ☺