How To Clean Blender Bottle that Smells?

Technology has taken a man beyond his thoughts where a man is surprised to see what’s going on in his surroundings. Automation has replaced man’s efforts and man has become idle. Now a man of this world can cherish the taste of fresh and delicious milkshakes, juices, smoothies, and soups whenever he/she wants to taste. No doubt blenders are easy to use and have reduced man’s efforts but cleaning blender bottles are still considered as a cumbersome task. It’s harder to even think about how to clean blender bottles because if you don’t wash it properly they can smell a lot and a man next time avoids using stinky blender bottles. Not only about its usage but shakes may also get a taste of previously blended grains. 

Some useful tips that lead you towards a smart work where you can complete your work fast and efficiently. Let’s have a look at how to clean blenders’ bottles effectively.

1. Wash Out With Mouthwash

Mouth cleaners are the best source to kill bacteria and germs that eliminate bad odors in our mouth. Take a blender bottle as a mouth and use mouth cleaner as a cleaning agent for it. Follow certain steps.

  • Take ½ cup of mouthwash and pour it into the bottle until it becomes ½ or 1/3 of the blender bottle. 
  • Shake it well until and unless bubbles are formed. 
  • Put it aside for some time with close lid.
  • Rinse it with water and repeat this process if you feel that the blender bottle requires more.
  • Baking Soda and Vinegar
  • Most of the blender bottles are made up of borosilicate BPA materials which are prone to bad smells when they are not properly get washed. Blender bottles are easily cleaned with baking soda and vinegar.
  • Prepare a mixture of a thick paste of vinegar and baking soda in a bowl and fill a blender bottle with this mixture.
  • Shake it gently so that material can reach every corner of the bottle.
  • Open its flip cap and leave it for a whole night so that grains can settle down. 
  • On the very next day, filter out the material from the bottle and rinse it well into the water.
  • The bottle will look cleaner than before and the smell would be gone.

2. Vanilla Extract

Did you get a thought about an ice-cream with the name of vanilla while thinking about one of the well-known procedures of how to clean a blender bottle? This also surprised me but vanilla proves the best cleaner for blender bottles. What you have to do is given below:

  • Take a little piece of clean newspaper and sprinkle water drops over it. 
  • After that, pour some vanilla extract on it and wrinkle the piece of paper. 
  • Put paper inside the bottle and close it with its lid and let it sit for 24 hours. 
  • After some time, open the lid and remove the paper from it.
  • You will observe that bad smell has been sucked by the paper and aroma has been dispersed in the bottle. 

Note: it’s not compulsory to make use of the newspaper, you can also use any clean paper that is easily available to you at that time. 

3. Use Orange Peels

Have you tried all solutions but again facing the same problem? It’s time to use a homemade cleaning agent which will cost you less as well as make use of your orange peels. It also makes use of apple cider vinegar. Let’s take a look at how to make and utilize it.  

  • Collect some leftover orange peels and fill a mason jar with them. 
  • Pour ACV (apple cider vinegar) into the jar and let it sit for a week. 
  • Strain the liquid into a bottle and use it as a detergent or cleaning solution for blender bottles.
  • Fill your blender bottle with warm water and pour some drops or spoons of prepared cleaning apple cider solution into the bottle. 
  • Shake it well and wash it with water. Let it dry from inside before the next use.

4. Use Coffee Grains For A Night

Coffee grounds are much similar in function with baking soda and act as a natural deodorizer. It is used to clean blender bottles from unwanted odors. Let’s have a look deep inside it. 

  • Wash your blender bottle with warm water and soap.
  • Let it dry and keep it aside for some time until it gets completely dry. 
  • Leave coffee grounds into the bottle and close its lid for a night. Blender bottle would give no smell and looks cleaner than before.

5. Use Water And Soap

Water is the best cleaning detergent for every kind of washing and cleaning. No cleaning and washing have become possible without water. It would be good if we call water a universal detergent or a universal solution. Let’s see how we can use it with soap for a blender bottle.

  • Prepare a mixture of water and soap until bubbles formed. 
  • Fill your bottle with this mixture and shake up and down until the mixture reaches every corner.
  • Remove the liquid and wash it with water. Let it dry completely and use it again. 
  • Store or keep your bottles safely 
  • We don’t need blenders all the time as we only make use of them when we want to blend fruits or veggies. Make sure to keep your blender bottles safely with the lid off and pop its top so that air can pass into it. It’s necessary for its complete dryness and also removal of bacteria and foul odors.

6. Use Herbal Tea Leaves

Herbal leaves always give a refreshing and good smell that goes deep inside the soul. The man feels happy and fresh with its smell. Due to this, it can be a good detergent for blender bottles too. Let’s move to it.

  • Choose a tea that gives a refreshing and pleasant odor like a fruity, chocolatey, or a coffee flavor.
  • Wash your bottle with warm water and soap. Let it dry for a few hours. 
  • Fill your blender bottle with warm water not boiling and steep a tea bag or dip tea leaves into the water. 
  • Close the lid and set it for a night.
  • In the morning to open it and get flavors to smell in your prepared shakes.

7. Warm Water And Vinegar

White vinegar is a great natural disinfectant that is used to eliminate odors. Let’s see how warm water and vinegar can prove the best solution.

  • Make a mixture of warm water and vinegar and pour it into the blender bottle.
  • Close it with the top lid and shake it well. 
  • Set it aside for some hours or a night. 
  • Pour out the mixture from the bottle and clean it with soap thoroughly.
  • It will look clean and shine than before.

8. Use Straw Cleaners

Most of the blender bottles have a straw-like design where residue stuck and harder to filter out from its rings. Use a pipe like a straw cleaner and pinch residue where they stick like a tooth picker. If you don’t have a straw, then take a piece of householding cloth and fold it in a way that it makes a corner. Clean small groves of the bottle with it and open its lid for some time. Another alternative is to make use of fork and use its prongs to fix stubborn residue.

The above-described procedures are few tips that can help any athlete, lifter, or amateur gym users to know much about how to clean a blender bottle that smells. If you’re on the go drinking shake regularly don’t forget to clean your blender bottles through these ways.