14 Best Ways to Use a Hand Blender in Right Way

Hand blenders are getting all the fame that once possessed by the traditional blender. As the world is aiming for compactness and conciseness in everything, how can a traditional juicer blender avoid the change? So what do you currently have in your kitchen, a hand blender, or a traditional blender? If you already have a hand blender on your kitchen counter, then congratulations as you are keeping pace with the change. But wait, if you still believe in having a gigantic size mixer blender to assist you in the kitchen, then my friend, you need some useful insights. 

Are you along with the majority of other hand blender owners confused as to how to use a hand blender? Or do you plan on having a Cuisinart hand blender but doesn’t know how to use Cuisinart Immersion hand blender? Are you afraid of purchasing a hand blender because you are unaware of the multiple ways as to how to use a hand blender? Then this piece of writing is your syllabus guide to graduate in using a hand blender.

We have enlisted 14 different ways to resolve your confusion about how to use an immersion hand blender. So whether you are holding your precious hand blender right now or planning on having the one let us reveal plenty of ways it can assist you in the kitchen.

1. Use It As A Beater:

Craving about fluffy scrambled eggs, lip-smacking omelets? Then why not use your immersion hand blender for the optimal results? Yes, you can have the fluffiest egg recipes by beating your eggs with a hand blender. Of course, you can reach out to a trivial method using a fork, but wait when you can have all the praise for making fluffy and yummy omelets. Why not go for that with handy and prompt hand blender?

2. Make Delicious Smoothies:

Looking for some muscles to blend your frozen fruits or ice within no time without much hassle? Then grab your hand blender and prepare delicious smoothies, milkshakes and frozen delights in a blink of an eye. The hand blenders come with the powerful motor to crush ice into snow within seconds. Plush they are hefty to use and convenient to clean. So when you are getting late for office, why not choose something speedy?

3. Whip Cream Without The Mess:

If you have the immersion hand blender in your kitchen, whipping cream is no issue. So leave your giant size blender in the cupboard and pick up the hand blender and whip your cream without worrying about cleaning.

4. Blend Batter:

Obtain the silky smooth and velvety consistency of pancake or cake batter, with a simple hand gadget. You don’t need to get tired by blending the batter with hand to get the right consistency when you can have that without exerting any effort.

5. Pureeing The Soup:

Worrying about pureeing your hot soup to get the creamy consistency? Well, sadly, the standard blenders fail to deliver the required results and more often turns out to be a complete disaster due to heat damage. But not with the immersion hand blender. Thinking about how to use a hand blender for peeling of soup? Just immerse your hand blender in the pot using for making soup. Voila! Pureeing will be done.  As winter is approaching, and this gives us a great time to try this culinary adventure. What do you think?

6. Prepare Your Mayonnaise:

With this little super-blender in your kitchen, the possibilities are unlimited as to how to use a hand blender? Why rely on the factory-made Mayonnaise when you can make one at home within no time. You will witness by yourself as to how convenient your life will become once you have a hand blender on your countertop. 

7. Make Perfect Pesto:

Why let the food processor takes all the credit and limelight for making pesto when a simple hand blender can do the same? Make fresh pesto sauce for the delicious pasta or pizza recipe with your immersion hand blender. Remove the hassle by adding all the leafy ingredients, garlic cloves, and olive oil in a beaker and give them a nice whirl and blend with your hand blender. We bet you are going to say “PERFECTO” after witnessing the results.

8. Salsa:

Who doesn’t adore salsa? But if you are not a big fan of the chunky meal, then a hand blender comes handy. All you need is to add the ingredients for your salsa into the container and move your hand, blender us, and down to make a creamy and rich texture salsa. 

9. Tomato Sauce Puree:

Why not take advantage of technology in every possible way when you have the tools? Making tomato sauce can never be so easy before the introduction of hand blenders. Now, if you have a hand blender with you in your kitchen, making delicious and healthy tomato sauce is not a problem. Take tomatoes and cook them on medium heat for an hour in a pot. It’s up to you whether you want to peel and deseed them. After cooking the tomatoes for an hour, shift them into the beaker and move your immersion hand blend in an up and down motion. Woohoo!  And your tomato sauce is ready.

10. Blend Your Cheese:

Making some delicious recipe with the cheese sauce? But what about the lumps of un-melted cheese that will make your sauce bit chunky and lumpy? Want to have the smoothest and cheesiest sauce for your meals? Grab your hand blender and smooth out all the lumps and chunks present. 

11. Take Care Of Your Hand Blender:

Your hand blender is your companion that can ease your cooking with prompt blending, crushing, and pureeing options. However, it requires proper care to keep your machine going. 

12. Clean Without Delay:

It is always prudent to clean your hand blender before letting any residue set forever. There are multiple hidden spots in your blender, which just cannot be reached and are more prone to the accumulation of unhygienic waste. 

13. Never Try Too Hot:

Although the hand blenders are great tools for pureeing hot soups but never try to blend a hot soup with flames on. Let your pot off the stove and sit for 20 mins and after that, blend it with the hand blender. TRUST US; it is no fun to get hit by a super-hot liquid.

14. Move It Around:

The tip for getting smooth culinary results is to move your blender so that it covers the entire area and blends even the smallest chunks. If you are using a beaker, you can opt for ideal up and down motion, and if you are blending in a rather bigger pot, a slow round motion is all you need for optimal results.


So that was from our side. If you are upset over how to use a hand blender, then accept our humble effort. We have tried to decrypt as to how to use Cuisinart hand blender in your routine cooking. If you are wondering as to how to use a hand blender for chopping, well, you have to be a bit conscious while handling blender not to chop too much.

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