Best 15 Blenders to Buy in 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guides

Best blenders

We have reviewed the best blenders of 2020 that enable you to choose the best blender to buy for your kitchen. In this review, we have analyzed each blender according to its features, pros, cons, and capacity to handle foodstuff. We hope this review helps you to make your final decision on buying the best blender in 2020.

Our detailed Reviews:


Hamilton Beach Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

If you are looking for the best blender for smoothies 2020, then here is the one. Hamilton beach personal smoothie blender is the best blender to get a smoothie in a snap. The compact and portable design makes it the best option for the home, offices, and trips. The product comes with a 14-ounces jar and lid that are made of high-quality plastic and is dishwasher-safe with its silent blending feature if it offers awesome blending experience to make delicious smoothies and shakes. The blender is also useful for making salad dressing, marinades, and much more.

The blades of the blender are made of stainless steel which offers the best ice crushing power for an effective, instant, and smooth result. The capacity of the super smoothie blender is medium i.e., 12 oz. The motor power of this home kitchen accessory is 175 watt that is sufficient for reliable and fast performance. Since the jar of smoothie blender can be used as a travel mug with durable lid, you will no longer need a separate serving cup. The Hamilton beach personal smoothie blender is super easy to clean and comes BPA-free features. Read our detailed review on Hamilton Beach Personal Creations Blender.


  • Outstanding ice crushing power
  • Blend and drink in one jar
  • Compact and portable size
  • BPA-free in food item zone
  • One-touch blending power
  • Measuring lines on the front side of the blending jar
  • Available in different colors


  • No of jar: 1
  • Jar material: BPA free plastic
  • Color: 5 (Black, red, blue, raspberry, white)
  • Dimension: 3.94*3.94*11.9 inches
  • Manufacturer: Hamilton beach
  • Offers you healthy and convenient drinking options
  • Smooth blended drink with amazing taste
  • Simple push-button touch for easier blending experience
  • Ideal for small living space
  • Perfect for traveling
  • Easy to use and blend
  • Perfect for a smaller blending task only
  • Little bit Burnt-chemical smell
  • Problematic blender base


NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed BlenderNutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender

If you are looking for the most convenient and fastest solution to making highly nutritious smoothies, then NUTRI-BULLET is the perfect choice for you. You only need to load the blender with your favorite foods like spinach, nuts, and berries and then twist and blend it to get a healthier smoothie for you or your family. The blender has a powerful 600-watt motor that helps you to blend the whole ingredient with refined-extraction and durable blades. It helps to blend food that you put in it into fine liquid in a few seconds. The product comes with milling blade, 24-oz cup, cup ring with handle, 18-oz cup, re-sealable lids, recipe books, and extractor blade.

The extractor blades are made from powerful stainless steel that uses cyclonic action for breaking down tough ingredients easily. It is a high-performing best blender brand and comes with BPA-free plastic cups that are durable and long-lasting. It offers you hassle-free cleaning after blending. You need to simply twist-off the blender blade, rinse thoroughly with water or dishwashing liquid and simply put the cups back. The blender is built according to the north-American and Canadian electrical standards. The Nutribullet NBR-1202 blender comes with a one year warranty. Read an in-depth review of NutriBullet NBR-1201 Smoothie Blender.


  • Original nutrient extractor
  • Powerful motor capacity with cyclonic action
  • Fast preparation time
  • Best configuration for smoothies
  • Blend to give smoothie in 60-seconds
  • Made in China


  • 24-oz capacity
  • Color: Grey
  • Material type: Polycarbonate
  • Dimension: 12.87*9*13 inches
  • Weight: 3.6 lbs.
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Capacity: 3-cups. (Medium)
  • Portable blender
  • Safe for kids
  • Easy to use
  • Pulverizes
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Get nutritious smoothies in few seconds
  • Rubber gasket leaks
  • Only suitable for smoothies
  • It is difficult to clean up the liquid that comes out from the rubber gasket



If you are a lover of delicious and Heli tier smoothie or icy drinks, then the HAMILTON BEACH blender is a must-have appliance in your kitchen. The amazing large capacity blender is powered by the 700-watt motor that offers gigantic power for effective and quick ice crushing. It is so convenient to work with this amazing blender. You only need to add liquid, other ingredients, and then blend. It offers 12-blending functions, so you can easily find out your blending setting for the frozen drink or creamy milkshake. It features 4-buttons for blending functions that are perfect for blending tasks ranges from making delicious milkshakes, crushing ice to the preparation of food like chopping, puree, and grating, etc. The blender whip-up dressing, purees, and sauce in a few seconds.

Hamilton beach power is the best blender brand that features the unique handle with the hinged cap that helps you in pouring. Both the jar and blade are dishwasher-safe — the cord recoil back into blender bottom after blending for storage. The blender comes with a 3-year warranty. The durable performance and construction make the blender the perfect server of smoothies. Read our in-depth review of Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender.


  • 700-watt power
  • The revolutionary wave action system
  • Dishwasher-safe glass jar
  • 3-year warranty
  • No-mess and unique handle for easy pouring


  • Includes 3-cup chopper glass
  • 40 oz blender jar capacity
  • 700 wattage
  • Material type: Glass
  • 12-blending function
  • 4-buttons
  • Color: Black and stainless steel
  • Durable and reliable performance
  • Best blending functions
  • Durable and fine blades for a smooth result
  • Pass Thermal shock test to withstand any extreme condition
  • Multiple functional blenders
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comes up with a convenient handle for an easy pouring
  • Leakage issues
  • Highly noisy
  • Solid particles may trap below the blades



If you are looking for the perfect ninja professional blender, then Ninja pro-countertop blender is the perfect option. The Ninja professional blender comes up with Nutri-ninja cups having 1100-watt power. From breakfast to dessert and for big or small parties, the blender covers your back at every step. It offers the astonishing total crushing technology so you can easily crush ice to snow for making frozen drinks or ice-cream in a few seconds. If you want to retain natural nutrients and vitamin extraction in your drink, then blast all tough ingredients into the jar for super smooth smoothies and juices.

The Ninja professional blender is a high-powered, professional kitchen tool that offers you the extra-large capacity of 72 oz. Blender also features total crushing blades which can effortlessly turn ice into flakes. Ninja cups feature on-going lids that make it easier for you to take nutrient-rich and delicious fruits anywhere with you. The blender jar is made of high-quality plastic. All parts of this fantastic kitchen appliance are dishwasher-safe and BPA free. Read our detailed review on Ninja Professional Countertop Blender.


  • Dishwasher-safe
  • BPA free
  • High blending capacity
  • 4-manual programs
  • Comes with recipes guide
  • Feature total crushing technology
  • Perfect nutrient and vitamin extraction


  • Wattage: 1100 watts
  • Manual program: 4
  • Pitcher capacity: 72 oz
  • Cups: 2 with 16-oz capacity
  • Product dimension: 8*6*17 inches
  • Perfect ice crusher


  • Offers perfect blending, and controlled processing
  • Easy to get nutrient-rich and delicious juices
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly-professional kitchen tool
  • The amazing power of ice crushing
  • Base may crack
  • The base of the blender is not durable
  • Jar may break



The magic bullet is one of the renowned blender brands available in a smaller size. The blender comes with an 11-piece set that is made of durable material. The magic bullet can quickly chop, blends, whips, mixes, and grinds. The blender cups are made from high-performance plastic that makes the blending activity more secure and comfortable and made Magic Bullet the best small blender. You can effortlessly create favorite meals for yourself or your family members. It can also help you to create different snacks like omelets, Sauces, dips, and smoothies.

With the help of a 250-watt power base, the blender creates a fantastic drink to refresh and soothe your mind. It also comes with a recipe book that offers easy, quick, and delicious recipes of appetizers, meals, and desserts. You only add a half cup of water for a smooth and delicious blend of vegetables. The personal blender is handy and easy to use. Magic bullet blender takes-up minimal counter space and offers maximum versatility and speed. The capacity of the party cup is 18-oz and of a small cup is 12-oz.


  • Easy to use to chop, blends, whips, and grinds
  • Hassle-free blending
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with a recipe book
  • 200-watt motor
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • BPA free


  • Material type: plastic
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs.
  • Dimension: 13.19*6.93*10.63 inches
  • Color: Silver
  • 3-cups (1-tall cup, party mug, and short cup)
  • Good for chopping nuts
  • Smartly designed for convenient usage
  • Easy to wash
  • Makes smoothie in less than 60-seconds
  • Small and inexpensive blending apparatus
  • Not suitable for frozen items
  • Not have the power to chop frozen foodstuff
  • Some noise issues



Muller Austria Multi-purpose is the best option if you are searching for the best blender under $100. If you want a blender that offers you 500-watt power and 9-speed immersion, then this amazing brand is the best hand blender for handling heavy-duty blending. The ergonomic grip of Muller Austria blender offers you a non-slip and comfortable grip for continuously blending all ingredients well. The product delivers exceptional quality because of the full-copper motor that withstands excessive usage. The copper motor offers 3-times more durability than any other blending appliances. The removable blending arm with an amazing fixed blade lock to the motor body for a smooth operation.

The fixed S-shape blades are made of stainless steel for a quick blend. The blender also contains whisk attachment made with the finest quality material. The Muller Austria ultra-stick blender gives 100% European and American quality insurance guarantee for two whole years. Read our in-depth review on Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 Watt 9-Speed Immersion Blender.


  • Sophisticated design and firm grip
  • Exceptional quality
  • Complete copper motor
  • Versatile design
  • Removable blending arm
  • American Guarantee
  • 100% European quality


  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Plastic
  • Wattage: 500-watt
  • 2-year warranty
  • 3-X longer than any other blender
  • S-shaped blender blades
  • Easy to clean
  • Small size for easy storage and minimum shelf space
  • Affordable price and fast processing
  • Rinse off with water only
  • Use to make delicious treats like whipped cream, batter, smoothies, cheese. Salsa etc.
  • Blender blade attachment is poorly lubricated
  • Bottom of the steel shaft gets heated



Are you looking for the best Ninja blender review? Then we are here to put your wait to an end and let us introduce you to the best Ninja mega kitchen system blender. The versatile ninja blender and food processor may prove to be your best kitchen companion. It is the finest quality blender that is suitable for large families and massive get-to-gathers. The blender capacity is 72-oz to cater to the large family blending requirements. The blender comes up with an 8-cup food processor and 72-oz jar. It is an optimal choice for making the dough as well as chopping food. The entire package consists of two Nutri cups of about 16-oz size so that you can enjoy your smoothies with your partner. The blender is BPA free and consist of dishwasher-safe parts for easy maintenance and cleaning. It has a powerful 1500-watt power blender.

The Ninja mega kitchen system offers you professional blending operation at an affordable rate. It is perfect for frozen blending, vitamin and nutrient extraction, and food processing. The unit comes with “Total Crushing Technology” that delivers power blades for easy crushing and pulverization of ice, vegetables, and fruits. The blender is an ideal choice for having nutrient-filled drinks and meals.


  • Wattage: 1500 watt
  • Functions: Blender and food processor
  • nutrition extraction feature
  • Total crushing technology
  • Excellent tasting food


  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • 1500-watt
  • 72-oz pitcher
  • 8-cups food processor
  • 2- Nutri Ninja cup of 16-oz capacity
  • Product dimension: 9.5*8.2*17.75 inches
  • 5-manual program
  • Perfect for frozen blending
  • Perfect vitamin and nutrient extraction
  • Blend ingredients in 30 seconds to get delicious smoothies, sauces, and dips
  • Retain the taste
  • Easy to clean
  • Not perfect for hummus
  • Some durability flaws
  • May gets overheated


Oster Blender pro-1200 with glass jar

If you are looking for the best blender for smoothies 2020, then Oster blender pro-1200 is the perfect choice for you. It has a powerful motor that easily crushes ice, turns frozen fruits to sorbet, and pulverizes greens. The 7-speeds feature consist of 3-smart settings eliminates the guesswork. It offers reliable one-touch controls for shakes, smoothies, and salsas. The popular gadget is a powerful blender that comes up with a 1200-watt peak motor. The motor delivers an effective power of 19,000 rpm and 900-watts power. With an effective drive connection, the blender is highly durable and sturdy. So if you choose this blender, then it is going to serve you for several coming years. It is a little bit heavy but has a stable base with a modern and sleek look.

The control panel of the blender is well-equipped with options for chopping and crushing ice. The product comes with temperature and pressure-resistant silicate glass with 48-ounces large capacity pitcher. The glass pitcher and metal blade ensure that your food will have no contact with plastic and you get your hands on healthy nutritious food only. So, do you want a smooth drink from green smoothies, soft fruits, and decent frozen? Give your blender a nice whirl!


  • BPA free food processing bowl
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Perfect base unit
  • Dual direction blade
  • Suitable for single-servings


  • Quick start guide
  • User’s manual
  • Stainless-steel slicing disk and chopping blades
  • 5-cup processor bowl
  • 24-oz BPA-free polycarbonate single-serve cup
  • 1200-watt base unit
  • Dimension: 8.5 * 10.2 inches
  • Weight: 10-pound
  • It is a very versatile blender
  • Best personal blenders for food processing
  • Powerful machine with the excellent price range
  • Glass pitcher for healthy drinks
  • Well-built structure and durable design
  • Comes with warranty
  • The machine is noisier
  • Not stable on the counter
  • Main pitcher lid might cause a problem


KitchenAid KSB1575ER 5-speed diamond blender

Are you looking for a large capacity red blender? Then KitchenAid KSB1575ER is the only thing you want in your kitchen. The reasonably-priced red color blender offers a generous 60-ounce pitcher with elegant vintage-looking design. It offers high-quality performance with the perfect wallet-friendly sticker price. The diamond blending system ensures that all the ingredients blend quickly as well as efficiently. It also offers Intelli-speed motor control that controls contents and maintains the optimal speed to blend all ingredients present in a pitcher. You can stir, chop, and blend with great ease and convenience. It comes with pulse mode that works effectively for all kinds of pulse grinding. The 60-oz pitcher and BPA-free patented diamond design offer stain-resistant and shatter-scratch resistance that makes the product suitable and sturdy.

The product is dishwasher-safe for easy maintenance and cleanup. The di-cast metallic base is durable and reliable and offers you a clean-touch control panel that wipes clean with no effort. The blender comes with a 5-years warranty. The robust motor and stainless-steel blades combine to give powerful vortex, which is fast for exceptional results.


  • The diamond blade blending system
  • Intelli-speed motor control
  • 5-speed mode
  • Soft start features
  • Clean touch control panel with LED light features


  • Weight: 10lbs.
  • Material type: zinc
  • Capacity: 60 0z
  • White LED light features
  • Dimension: 9*8.5 * 16.5 inches
  • 1-year warranty
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Affordable price
  • Consistent and reliable performance
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Large classic base
  • Have no high-level of power
  • Longer processing time for certain foods
  • LED light issues


Oster Blender pro 1200 24-ounces smoothie cup

Oster blender pro-1200 with smoothie cup comes with a smart setting technology of 7-speeds consists of 3-pre programmed settings for blending. The product offers dual direction blade technology that performs extra blending function to grind and chop with precision. The blender features a 3.5 inches blade system that allows you to flow down into your blender blade easily for smoother and faster results. The package comes with Boroclass glass jar with a 6-cup capacity which is durable to withstand any thermal shock. The smoothie cup blender jar offers a pulse feature for added precision and control. It offers you a 10-year massive warranty.

The Oster pro-1200 blender contains a smoothie cup that blends a 24-oz smoothie in no time. The product contains smart settings technology that is perfect for milkshakes, salsas, and smoothies and thus it makes it a smart blender in comparison to others.


  • Smart technology
  • Pre-programmed one-click settings
  • Add more precision and control to blend the mixture
  • Dual-direction blade technology
  • Extra-large glass jar made from Boroclass glass
  • 24-ounces smoothie cup


  • Color: brushed nickel
  • Weight: 7lbs.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimension: 8.5 * 10.15 * 13.9 inches
  • Warranty: 10-year
  • Power: 1200 watt
  • Cord length: 16-inches
  • Powerful and capable of producing awesome quality mixtures
  • 7-different speed adjustment levels
  • Pre-programmed settings
  • Blending smoothies and salsa
  • Reasonable prices
  • Unstable under high-speed
  • Loosening top-lid
  • Loud sound



The Ninja offers you the best personal blender for smoothies, shakes, frozen blending, and food preparation. The blender comes with a 700-watt power pod with amazing pulse technology. It is the best nutrition and vitamin extraction blender that can extracts all hidden nutrition from veggies and fruits. It is perfect for frozen blending too. So, you crush through frozen fruits and ice for smoothies and cold drinks by using this amazing personal blender with a snap of your fingers. It consists of two 16-oz Nutri Ninja cup, 30-recipes inspirational guide, and 2-seal and sips lids. Ninja helps you to prepare nutrients to enrich delicious juices quickly. With superpower motor, you can effortlessly whip up frozen blended drinks in a few seconds. This amazing gadget is easy and swift to assemble, store, clean, and use.

The capacity of the blender is gigantic, so you can enjoy the best blending experience with a lot of fresh juices and drinks. The sleek and modern designed blender comes with a 2-in-one blending power that offers the power of 700-watt for blending ice and food quickly. The blending cups are equipped with sip & seal lids that can easily fit in car cup holders.


  • Perfect nutrient and vitamin retaining ability
  • Ninja pulse technology for prompt and promising results
  • Powerful blade for convenient operation
  • Perfect single-serve pod
  • Sip and seal lids cups


  • Wattage: 700 watts
  • Automatic program: 0
  • Manual programs: 1
  • No pitcher
  • 16-oz Nutri cup
  • 50-recipe cookbook
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimension: 9.45*5.91*13.7 inches
  • Thick Plastic cups
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Cups, lids, and blades are dishwasher-safe
  • Small yet powerful technology
  • Expedient cleaning
  • The product is unable to blend hot and frozen ingredients



Are you looking for the best small blender that is compact but delivers efficiency just like a normal blender? If yes, then OSTER 6812-001 CORE 16-SPEED WITH GLASS JAR is the best option for you. The product comes with an awesome 700-watt powerful motor. According to the manufacturer, the product can easily deliver 450 watts of blending power. The blender features the best stainless-steel powerful blades. The 4-point design enables the device to pulverize and chop effectively with high precision. The brand comes with a 10-year warranty. The product offers a 16-different optimal speed level from pulse to puree. The blender is BPA free and gives awesome blending experience every time.

The five glass jars made from Boroclass glass is dishwasher-safe and is perfect for easy cleanup. The 2-ounce filler cup built-in marking enables you to pour and measure ingredients while blending. The high-quality blades can easily crush fruits, vegetables, and nuts in no time. It is perfect for smoothies and meal preparation. You can use the blender with both high and low settings.


  • Comes up with delicious recipe book for awesome meal ideas
  • Offers multiple speed options
  • Duralast all-metal drive
  • Crush pro-4-blates
  • Precise blender with a 700-watt powerful motor
  • Glass jar made from Boroclass glass


  • 700-watts motors
  • 10-year warranty
  • Dishwasher-safe jar
  • BPA free plastic
  • 4-points design for precise and effective functioning
  • 16-preset speed set
  • Boost of extra power to ensure smooth blending
  • Great for smoothie making
  • Large capacity
  • Offers plenty of options for the right consistency
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Great vintage design
  • Complete concentration needed
  • Some cleaning issues
  • Tiny little jar



The Nutri Ninja single-serve blender offers Auto-IQ feature with the timed program. If you are looking for more power blender, the Ninja NINJA BL480D NUTRI NINJA WITH 1000-WATT AUTO-IQ BASE offers you the best performance. The blender can mix food automatically so that you only need to select your blending option and walk away. The awesome 1000-watt motor power with amazing pro-extractor blades combine to break down all kinds of vegetables, ice, seeds, nuts, and fruits easily. The blenders come up with 2-Nutri cups of about 18 and 24 ounces. Two sip and seal lids can easily fit ninja cups for easy drinking. So, enjoy your favorite drinks with whole nutrition sealed inside.

The blender comes up with auto-IQ technology that optimizes the power and blades of the blender to deliver powerful vitamin and nutrient extraction. The blades can easily rotate at high speed for liquefying ingredients to smooth purees, smoothies, and delicious juices. The product comes up with an instruction book, a small cup with an excellent sip and seal lids.


  • Pro extractor blades
  • Motor base with iQ technology
  • Extractor blades, 2 sip and seal lids
  • Comes up with instruction book
  • Auto-iQ programming
  • BPA free and dishwasher-safe


  • Material: Tritan
  • Weight: 5.6 lbs.
  • Color: black, silver
  • 18 oz and 24 oz blending cups
  • Power 1000watt
  • Push-button control panel
  • Extreme power pact motor
  • Easily crush whole fruits, ice, and vegetables in a few seconds
  • High-speed product
  • Great tasting and nutritious beverages
  • Great for traveling
  • May get Scratched easily



If you are looking for a powerful ninja blender review, then here we are. The Ninja screen blender offers you a plethora of power to crush ice, nuts, and frozen desserts within seconds. Try this blender for making a healthier and smarter breakfast smoothies, frozen drinks, and slushies for your family members. This is a great value-priced model that offers you great performance and features at highly affordable rates. The blender offers strong extra motor base power for an easy to use touch screen display. The smart base will give 72 oz large capacity pitcher for smaller, quick blends and smoothies.

The blender offers a one-touch operation that makes the blender pleasure to use Ninja FreshVac technology to ensure smoothest and freshest results with minimal minerals and vitamin loss. Most of the blenders don’t offer this technology and reduce the benefits of fruits and foods after blending. It makes drinks with a relatively long shelf-life. You can also refrigerate the drinks for later use.


  • 7-preset Auto IQ programs
  • Perfect for chefs
  • Easy to comprehend
  • User-friendly touch screen
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Powerful motor


  • Wattage: 1000 watts
  • Intuitive touch screen
  • Capacity: 72 oz
  • 4-automatic programs
  • 3-manual programs
  • Color: black
  • Dimension: 8.86*10.82*17.32 inches
  • Material: Rubber, metal, and plastic
  • Weight: 8.07 lbs.
  • Powerful motor
  • Smart touch-screen with seven settings
  • Easy change between a 72-oz capacity single server and larger pitcher
  • Suitable for family and single serve
  • Super easy to clean and durable
  • Problems experienced after adding protein powder to the mixture
  • Noisy power
  • Somehow dangerous


Homgeek Personal Mini Blender Smoothie Maker

The best personal blender offered by the “Homgeek” is well-known for its efficiency and speed in producing smoothies, juices, and beverages. It only takes ten seconds due to amazing stainless-steel blades to extract all healthy nutrients. Blender can operate on a one-touch basis with highly promising results. The unique aspect of quick-blending time is that in no time, you can blend some fruits without losing any important nutrients. The blender is built with durability and reliability features. The blender offers one-touch beverage blending power that is reliably tough task with the help of a 300-watt motor. The durable smoothie maker is highly portable and is ideal for work, school, and gym. Enjoy a healthy life by making vegetables and fruits smoothies within a short time.

Homgeek blender features the secure shut-off that prevents the motor from operating until the jar is attached. Homgeek blenders are made from BPA-free materials and are very compact, durable, and chic. It offers milling blade which juice and stir vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients. It is a small appliance that allows you to enjoy healthy and delicious foods.


  • Small draining hole in the base
  • Install bottle with knife holder on the groove
  • Built-in safety features
  • High performing power motor
  • Built-for portability
  • Better stainless-steel option


  • Capacity: 6000 ml
  • Voltage: 120 v
  • Operational time: less than 60 sec
  • FDA approved: BPA free and dishwasher safe
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel blades
  • 1-year warranty
  • Special blade base design
  • 600-ml BPA free bottle
  • Easy to clean
  • Package with 2-bottle
  • Pulse feature available to clean the pitcher quickly and efficiently
  • Touch screen display button for convenient cleaning
  • Ideal for work, school, and gym
  • Secure shut-off
  • 1-year warranty
  • Safety features
  • Safe and secure blending experience
  • Easy to wash and use
  • Leakage problem
  • Setting choice
  • Frozen fruits don’t grind up well

Buying Guide: How to choose the right Blender for you?

In this part, we will guide you about how you can get the best blender for the money. Below are some important things that should be considered while determining the best blender brand. So, let’s get started.


The motor is one of the most important and significant components of any blender. If the power of the machine is higher, then it will perform outstandingly. Always buy the model that has the power of 500 watts. It is ideal power for simpler jobs like making creamy soups and smoothies. If you want to perform heavy-duty tasks like grinding seeds and nuts, or crushing ice, you will need 1,000 or above power motor.


As we know that if any accessory offers more functions, it will shift towards the bit pricier side. Before making your final purchase, decide the type of blenders, as well as features, offers by them you want. It enables you to choose the machine which fits perfectly with your requirements and budget. The market offers various highly reliable and durable blenders that can easily be used for any challenging task. So, choose the one that offers you outstanding output.

Speed setting

There should be three-speed settings in a good quality blender. But most of the top-rated blender models offer you more pre-programmed functions specifically designed for challenging tasks like milkshake setting, pureeing soup setting, and ice crush setting. More speed settings provide you with more blending control and convenient work.


Sturdy and powerful blade plays a significant role in offering promising results and versatility. Before making the final decision, you should look at the blade’s types on every blender. It enables you to see whether the blender meets your expectations and requirements or not. Some blades are perfect for solid subjects like nuts and ice, but some are made to use for chopping, grinding, and crushing tasks only.


The capacity of blenders depends on the size of a jar. Most of the jars can hold four to seven cups of ingredients. Smaller jars are perfect for spices and nuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to maintain my blender?

Blenders are usually the easiest appliance to maintain and clean. The containers, blades, and lids can easily be washed in the dishwasher but always make sure to read the manual of blender manufacturer. Ensure that the base and motor of the units never be immersed in the water. Always clean it with a moist cloth. If you want to clean the inner surface of the blender, then pour some water and a few drops of detergent. Run the blender for a few seconds and then rinse the water out in the sink.

2. What are the common pre-programmed blender functions?

Blenders offer few default functions which are designed for a certain task. Select the task and then run the unit with the needed speed. Some of the common functions of the blenders are:

  • Stir
  • Puree
  • Ice crush
  • Liquefy
  • Salsa/shop/dice
  • Grind
  • Smoothie
  • Mix
  • Milkshake

3. What should I do if the blender’s goblet leaks?

It depends on which side of the blender’s goblet leak either from the bottom or top. If the blender goblet leaks from the top side, then it indicates that you have been overfilling the blender’s goblet. If there is leakage at the bottom, then ensure that the base of the blender is screwed tightly. Also, check either the seal is damaged or missing. If it is damaged, then you should repair it before using it for drinks.

4. What is the suitable recommended ingredient for a certain speed setting?

The lowest speed setting should always be used for light and thin mixtures like light batters, scrambled eggs, milk for frothing, and milkshakes while a higher speed setting should be used for thick mixtures like mayonnaise, pates, and soup.

5.Difference between a juicer and a blender?

With the blender, individuals combine all vegetables or fruits and create a thicker liquid. If you want to make a smoothie, then you should use a blender. Juicer, on the other hand, separates the juice from the rest of the vegetable and fruit. The remaining fibers and pulp will end-up in a trash bin.

6. Which jars are better and what is the use of them?

Blender jars or containers can be of a variety of materials including plastic, glass, or steel. Each of these materials offers unique benefits and disadvantages. For the outclass performance, each container or blender jar should offer a perfect seal so that everything securely remains inside the unit.

  • Glass: Glass is more resilient to odors and staining than plastic. They are perfect dishwasher-safe, but their weight is not perfect for commercial usage and settings.
  • Metal: Some blender jars are made from stainless steel. It offers a more contemporary and sleeker look. But one drawback is that unlike plastic and glass, you would not be able to see inside it. In order to check your blending task, you must remove the container lid.
  • Plastic: The most popular and common type of blender jar is plastic. These are usually lightweight and are specially designed to easily withstand constant use. They are more prone to staining and breakage.

Overview of Blenders and why you need to buy it

Do we always wonder what it would be like to have a smoothie or any shake prior to the invention of blender? We can bet that many of you have thought of this while making your favorite drink in just a few whirls. Having a durable and reliable blender in your kitchen can save you a lot of trouble, so always try to choose the best blender to buy the ultimate peace of mind for yourself.

While finding the best blender for the money you’re going to spend, you have to focus on various significant factors, including your budget, product durability, company reputation, and the functions it performs. It is prudent never to compromise while having a gadget for your daily usage. You can go on and read the top blender reviews to find the top contenders in the industry.

For a blender to be your best companion in the kitchen, it must be able to blend, pulverize, emulsify, and mix the food. It consists of a blender jar with the rotating metal blades operated by an electrical motor. So, it should be durable enough to crush ice for the delicious smoothies and shakes without getting damaged.

Enough about the qualities of the blender now let’s get back to the real question as which is the best blender for the money? The market is overwhelmed with the variety of companies selling blenders, thus leading the customers towards tiresome confusion. You can find a plethora of models to choose from based on shapes, sizes, brands, and designs. So it is always prudent to make a list of features you want in your blender to make your purchase less hectic. The best blender to buy should have the following features.

  • Should be able to make smoothies
  • Pureeing fruits and vegetables should not be a problem
  • Milling grains in few seconds
  • Making peanut butter
  • Blending food for your baby
  • Making cocktails
  • Pulverizing ice into the powder
  • Should be durable
  • Should have easy installation
  • Should consume less electricity
  • Should be safe to use

After listing each feature, the next thing you do is to read the best blender reviews to find the best blender options. To ease your purchase, we have crafted this informative review of the best 15 blenders to buy in 2020.

Various Type of Blenders

Before getting into the discussion for the best blender to buy for the money, we deem it necessary to categorize the blenders according to their type. Get yourself informed about the various types of blenders available in the market.

Hand Blender

A hand blender is a type of blender which is used for blending liquids including sauce, soups, and many more. It is commonly known as stick blenders or handheld blenders. These blenders are ideal for delicate products like fruits and are easy to clean.

Single-Serve Blender

These blenders are smaller than regular blenders. If you are looking for a personal blender, then this blender will serve the purpose. These blenders are built to manage your nutritional needs properly. Single-serve blenders come handy in cooking to chop small quantities of foods for you easily.

Full-Size Blender

A Full-sized personal blender offers you a powerful base that adjusts the jar properly. It is the most commonly used type of blender and is available in different designs, and shapes. Always make sure to buy the full-sized best personal blenders that suit your cooking quantity.

Specialty Blender

Specialty blender is perfect for those kitchens which demands a heavy blending job. It gives outstanding performance and possesses heavy power to blend, chop, grind, and puree on a large commercial scale.

Frozen Drink Maker

Frozen mixed drinks are a great way to cool down the burning summers. If you occasionally crave frozen mixed munchies, then a frozen drink maker is the perfect option. However, it serves as a single function blender and can only be used to make delicious drinks.

Blender Bottle

The blender bottle is a manual operating blender usually used by gym-goers. It enables users to ensure that protein drinks are properly blended. It consists of a tight screw-on lid and a plastic cup with an inside blender ball.

Kitchen System

A kitchen system is a perfect option for you if you are looking for a single appliance for blending, chopping, and food processing requirements. It comes with different parts and attachments to be used according to your need.

Blender Features

While reviewing the best blender to buy through the best blender reviews 2020, you must have a list of features you want in your blender in your hand to make your purchase more convenient.

Crushes Ice

The blenders are suitable appliance to not only blend and chop food and soups but to make smoothies with crushed ice as well. So, always make sure to buy the blender that is capable of handling solid objects like ice.


A perfect blender is the one that offers you a nifty way to extract juices from fruits and vegetables by just pressing a button. So, always opt for a blender that offers fast and convenient juicing options.

Energy Star Certified

The blender that is energy star certified is perfect for your budget. As it will consume less power and thus offers you an economical way to get convenience in your kitchen. Try to find the best personal blender that is energy certified to cut your energy costs.

Multiple Attachments

Multiple attachments are the most common features of stick or handheld blenders. It allows an individual to turn regular blender into a chopper or puree maker nicely and swiftly.

Variable Speed Control

Variable speed control is another important feature you must ensure to be present in your blender to count it as the best blender brand. Variable speed control offers you the freedom to blend your food to your desired level only.

Dishwasher-Safe Parts

Always look for the best blender that has dishwasher-safe parts so that you can easily toss everything into a dishwasher after finishing. A dishwasher-safe option is always the prudent option to keep your blender clean and hygienic by washing the parts after use.


Cordless blenders are a great option because they are battery operated. You can walk around while blending and place your blender near your stove where you cook. It will save you time and keep your floor neat and clean. The cordless blenders are the best option while packing for a trip as all you need is to charge the battery and make amazing drinks anywhere you want.

Multiple Functions

The best blender to buy for money should be the one that enables you to choose between different functions i.e., mix, dice, grind, puree. It enables you to get customized blending experience easily.


Did you enjoy the best kitchen blender review? If yes, then we take pride in assisting you in your quest for the best blender for your kitchen. Blenders have become a necessity to not only ease the meal preparation but to have nutritious drinks and meals. The new generation of blenders in the market is offering the human race an option to prepare their meals with minimum effort and more convenience. From blending to making purees or pulverization, these blenders will do everything you want to deliver the peace of mind and ultimate value for your money. If you still have any questions regarding the best blender for the money, then contact us. We will be happy to assist you with the relevant information about better quality blender at affordable prices.

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We hope the above reviews and buying guides will help you in buying the best blenders of 2020. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.